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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bill Miller: Ask the New Hampshire Legislature...

Note from Barbara Hartwell: I am unable to post N.H. Senators' contact info, as given by Bill Miller, due to formatting problems and my own lack of technical expertise. Please see this link for e-mail addresses:

Sorry, this is the best I can do. However, better to post Bill's report (sans addresses) than not. Thanks, Bill.

From William Miller

Go ahead, one and all. Email the members of the New Hampshire Legislature, and Senate.

Ask them if it is true that they have received a Constructive Notice from Bernie Bastian, who holds a power of attorney for the Browns in Plainfield, to negotiate a tax settlement with the federal "government," if someone, anyone, will step forward and sign an affidavit of truth stating that the Browns, or anyone else among us, is required by law to pay the federal income tax, a document (affidavit) not signed by anyone in the federal "government," in almost three months.

Ask them if, along with Bernie Bastian's constructive notice, they have received a copy of the Aaron Russo film, "America, Freedom To Fascism," about the federal income tax, and if they have read the Constructive notice, and seen the film.

Ask them if there is a double standard in "law, government and justice," in New hampshire, pertaining to common plain folk, as compared to public officials such as police chiefs and administrators.

Ask them if there is a "chief of police," Roberge, in Farmington, who is an accomplice to the murder of Dotty Castora's husband Phil; and if there is a "chief of police," in Rochester, Dubois, who is an accomplice, along with a substantial number of his police officers, to a rape, by way of a concerted, institutional effort to badger and intimidate the victim and witness to the rape, committied by Dubois' son, using Dubois' handcuffs.

Ask them what their plans are toward me, my family, and the Browns.

Ask them what is their view of Article Ten, New Hampshire Bill of Rights, The Right of Revolution.

See my postings and those of former CIA psywar analyst, Barbara Hartwell, on , on "Federal Drug Corruption, Murder and the US Marshals," and the real reasons why US Attorney Colontuono and company went after the Browns on account of a bloody war contract tax, for which there is no law, and can be no law.

William Miller, New Hampshire, Expressly Reserving All Rights