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Thursday, March 20, 2014

SHUT DOWN: A Brief Analysis of Political Perseuction in America

NOTE: Dr. Antonella Carpenter is my professional colleague and good friend. I first became acquainted with Dr. Carpenter about three years ago when I was invited as a guest on her radio program, The Medical Conspiracy, to discuss COINTELPRO. After numerous appearances as a guest, I was asked to be her co-host, and readily accepted the honor.

My contribution to the program was my expertise in counterintelligence operations, which I had quickly discerned were being run against Dr. Carpenter, in various forms, such as the typical libel/slander campaigns, the harassment, the efforts to ruin her financially, to isolate her and rip away any support systems she may have had, and ultimately to "shut down" Lase Med Inc., her practice, successfully treating cancer patients with her revolutionary laser technology, which unlike conventional (and toxic) methods of radiation and chemo, DOES NO HARM. Dr. Carpenter's treatment, most importantly, saves lives, as quite a number of her patients have testified.

As a government whistleblower, having been targeted for the same type of neutralization campaign as Dr. Carpenter, I fully understand what she is up against. Like Dr. Carpenter,  as a result of my efforts, for many years, to expose corruption, my activism to defend Liberty and God-given unalienable, constitutionally protected rights, I have lost nearly everything I owned, lost my home, lost most of the support (material and otherwise) I once had, and have been effectively "shut down". This is known as "retaliation against a whistleblower".

By the end of 2013, I had no choice but to withdraw from broadcasting with Dr. Carpenter, as I had no place from which to work and no form of material support whatsoever. Like Dr. Carpenter, I had been driven into homelessness by the ongoing persecution and lack of support. I had hoped to return to the program, assuming I was able to stabilize my circumstances, but before that could happen (as it still has not), I learned of the "shut down" of Orion Broadcasting Network in February 2014.

Now, the only venue which was left for Dr. Carpenter to expose the truth and to fight for health care freedom, her radio show, has been "shut down".

I don't believe in "coincidences", especially when I have observed the same patterns operating in the lives of genuine whistleblowers, that is, anyone who stands up for the unvarnished truth, year after year; anyone who refuses to compromise his/her principles; who will not be moved by outside pressures; who will not act on personal/political expediency; who will not traffick with the devil for any agenda; who will not stop speaking the truth, no matter what, no matter the consequences to themselves.

[Please also see Sosbee v. FBI:

Geral Sosbee, former FBI agent and America's foremost FBI whistleblower, a mutual friend/supporter of Barbara Hartwell and Dr. Carpenter, targeted for political persecution.] 

Perhaps most tragic, rather than gaining the support we need to continue our crusade for the truth and for justice, we will be abandoned by those who previously supported us; like rats deserting a sinking ship, they will distance themselves as fast and as far as they can. We will be blamed for circumstances completely beyond our control. We will be insulted and falsely accused, treated like pariahs, in attempts to marginalize us. We will discover that, as our circumstances become worse, some of those we counted as friends were never friends all  --for a true 'friend' stands by you, for better or worse. 

Meanwhile, the false accusers, the demonic liars, the "trolls", as Dr. Carpenter calls them, will continue to flourish, to profit from their persecution of whistleblowers, as their massive deception misleads the majority of the populace, who, if they would only open their minds to perceive the truth, would benefit immeasurably from learning that truth.

For those interested, please take the time to research these issues. Just by placing our names, Dr. Antonella Carpenter and Barbara Hartwell, into a search engine, you will be able to find our reports, articles and broadcasts. You will also discover the names of our adversaries, those who have libeled and slandered, sabotaged and persecuted us to the point of "shut down".

Here is Dr. Carpenter's recent report. I ask that all those who care about Truth and Justice, please read it and pass it on.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 20, 2014


 Another friend has been shut down, another friend is gone. I haven’t communicated through this media for many months, mostly because I have been so busy trying to defend myself from the abuses to my freedom, as an American citizen. Even if effectively in exile, separated from my family and unavailable to my former patients, I have still tried to keep the fire going, by constantly doing research on what continues to happen in the medical field and how the public is still being misinformed and entrapped in the drug pitfalls.

In the effort to protect the general public, the only weapon still available to me has been the radio program called “The Medical Conspiracy”. I began hosting the show about five years ago, when the trolls started popping up like weeds on the web. As a result, we started to see an increasing number of self proclaimed experts and assorted  pathetically clueless individuals, selected as trolls for their ignorance, accompanied by the willingness to make a spectacle of themselves in exchange for heaven knows what perks. My only answer to such outrageous conduct was to continue exposing the lies and abuses of the medical establishment, in cohort with the FDA and the large pharmaceutical corporations; I have done so through the radio show: “The Medical Conspiracy”, i.e. the conspiracy to keep everybody sick.

Obviously, even with the very limited audience, my show must have rubbed the wrong way some special interests, because in five years three radio stations had to close down, supposedly due to financial problems. Does anybody see a pattern here?

I was harassed about my show even as early as the times of that infamous civil law suit, brought about by a patient who was actually cancer free after my treatment, according to independent standard routine testing.  During my deposition for that ridiculous case, the plaintiff’s attorney kept “interrogating” me about the radio show and why I hadn’t closed it down.  This is a show that had absolutely nothing to do with the case, considering that it was started two years after the patient in question was treated at my Company’s facility; not to mention the fact that routine tests could not find any malignancy in her affected site.  

However, after the law suit had been filed, one of her oncologists insisted that she still had cancer and needed to have a mastectomy without delay. You know what happened next, with the assistance of a crooked judge; in the event you don’t know, you can find everything posted on the radio show’s web site .

My radio show has been used to expose not just occurrences like these, but also the dishonesty in the cancer and pharmaceutical industry in general.

People are being entrapped and victimized by “professionals” wearing a white coat and an hypocritical smile; people are persistently mutilated and poisoned by chemicals and radiation, with the common sense defying promise of an “extended” life, through what can only be defined as sheer torture.

These are the facts exposed, through science and empirical evidence, in what has been The Medical Conspiracy Show. This is the reason we have been tormented and sabotaged during the broadcasting. Apparently the “System” has won again, by forcing one more radio station to cease operations. You, the public, serve the “System” best if you are sick and financially ruined, especially if you are unaware of what is being conjured against you.

As a result, people like me must be silenced and thrown into oblivion, in order to support  the deception and sustain the financial gains of a restricted group of special interests. I hope that the people listening to my show have received sufficient guidelines to continue on their own and question any “remedy” proposed to them by the members of the AMA.

On my part, I will find the way to continue the show, even if simply on U-Tube and our web site (, for the moment anyway, until we find another station and new friends.