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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Medical Conspiracy Radio Show

It's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

In the early spring of 2012 I was contacted by Dr. Antonella Carpenter, a physicist who has developed a non-invasive and extremely effective treatment for cancer. Dr. Carpenter invited me as a guest on her radio program, The Medical Conspiracy, after hearing me speak on COINTELPRO on another program on the same station, Orion Talk Radio.
She and her associate, Randy Simmons, recognized all the tactics I was describing, those used by counterintelligence operatives and their minions, to neutralize a Target, including the BIG 3, right out of the CIA psy ops manual: Isolation. Alienation. Deprivation. 
Dr. Carpenter, formerly employed as a physicist in the defense industry, with expertise in laser technology, became a whistleblower when she discovered and reported safety hazards, and was subsequently targeted --for the same reason most whistleblowers are targeted: They refuse to stay silent when lives are at stake, when wrongdoing, corruption, malfeasance are running rampant. As a result of the persecution directed against her, as retaliation for blowing the whistle, Dr. Carpenter was driven into financial destitution, and at one point even ended up homeless.
But by the time I first came into contact with her, many years later, Dr. Carpenter had become the Target of other special interest groups involving a vast web of corruption: The Medical Mafia, Big Pharma and their henchmen, thugs from the FDA.
Among the series of events which transpired in attempts to neutralize Dr. Carpenter and shut down her business, Lase Med Inc., were a monkey trial, a travesty of justice, where Dr. Carpenter was falsely accused, sued, and a judgment awarded against her for $2.5 MILLION, after being bilked and betrayed by her own attorneys; a libel/slander campaign via mainstream and alternative media; numerous and ongoing acts of criminal harassment, vandalism, stalking and political persecution; a raid by the FDA in July 2012, accomplished only by deception by lying FDA agents, in which most of her property was confiscated, including her lasers, her files and all the money she had in a safe at her office: $7800.00 in cash.
Her practice, in the state of Oklahoma, was shut down by FDA, this despite the fact that Dr. Carpenter had at no time violated any laws, but was operating in full compliance with the laws, under the Health Care Freedom Act. Nor had she ever harmed a patient. She did however, save lives, as the patients testified.
Subsequently, Dr. Carpenter lost her office. Then she lost her home, a rental property, as she had no money to pay the rent. She lost most of her personal property as well, and was left (once again) destitute and homeless.
But there's more...shortly after the FDA raid, Dr. Carpenter lost both of her vehicles. The first vehicle was stolen and used in a robbery. She was unable to recover her car, even though she was the victim of the crime. Her second vehicle, a van used for her business, was taken from her by a far more sinister means: She was hit (purposefully) while driving alone after dropping her grandson off at a school event. The van was hit with such a violent impact that it was turned upside down, trapping Dr. Carpenter inside, until she was able to get out only by her own efforts. The van was totalled (naturally), leaving Dr. Carpenter without any transportation, stranded, with no money, no way to continue to work for her living. The perpetrators (including federal agents) of this neutralization campaign against her had stolen or destroyed nearly everything she had, leaving her isolated and bereft.
Does any of this sound as if it could possibly be "coincidence"? Not where counterintelligence operations are concerned. I've seen the same pattern repeated over and over, in the cases I have investigated for over two decades. But more to the point, in my own life, having been targeted as a CIA whistleblower. I am intimately familiar with this storyline, and unfortunately it has been next to impossible to get any support, simply because people either "blame the victim", or "don't believe" the truthful testimony of the person targeted. Some, I'm sure, just don't give a damn.
But it gets worse. Early this year Dr. Carpenter received a "target letter" from the DOJ, informing her that she was now a target of a Grand Jury Investigation. She could not find an attorney to represent her. Everyone she contacted wanted a large sum of money up front, from $10,000 at the low end, to $100,000. Nobody would help, no attorney would take her case pro bono. Nobody cared, nobody would help...the same old, same old.
As for her radio show, The Medical Conspiracy, it is all she has left, the only venue she has to continue to expose the crimes, the corruption, the coverups being perpetrated by the medical establishment, pharmaceutical companies and FDA. (Who, by the way, are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths each year, due to malpractice, toxic drugging, maiming via slash-and-burn "treatments", in conjunction with suppressing alternative treatments, like the one offered by Dr. Carpenter in what amounts to a genocidal agenda.)
But more than all that, Dr. Carpenter is concerned with the larger issue of defending our God-given unalienable rights, including the freedom to choose our own health care, which the government is clearly hell-bent on taking away from all of us.
Does anybody care? Judging by the lack of support for Dr. Carpenter, it seems not. 
After my first appearance as a guest on Dr. Carpenter's program, I was invited back and soon became a regular guest. The topic most often discussed was COINTELPRO and tactics used to neutralize Targets.  We exposed the liars, the stalkers and the crooks who are persecuting Dr. Carpenter (who also subsequently targeted Barbara Hartwell, once I became her ally), as well as the controlled opposition, the shills in alternative media, also intent on sabotaging and silencing her message.
When I was invited at the beginning of this year to co-host the program with Dr. Carpenter, I agreed, but never made a formal announcement. My own situation, of poverty and deprivation, had become so dire (for the same reasons as Dr. Carpenter's) that I could not rely on having Internet access and could not plan ahead to continue with the show, as I told Dr. Carpenter.
I am now receiving "final disconnect" notices for utilities, and over the past few months, the only way I have been able to get food is from Christian charities like the Salvation Army, who run food banks for the poor. My church has also helped me as best they could, but they just don't have the resources.  I soon may also be without transportation, as I can't afford the car insurance payments (already cancelled once, and reinstated with a penalty) nor to fill the gas tank.
Does anyone care? Apparently not. No more than it seems anyone cares what is happening to Dr. Carpenter. I put out public appeals for donations, no response. As for the petition to stop the federal proceedings against Dr. Carpenter? Last I looked, there were only about 100 signatures. Unlike a donation, a signature costs nothing... 
After two weeks where I was unable to appear on the program, Dr. Carpenter wanted me back and she managed to get a donation from someone, to at least pay for my Internet service, just as it was about to be shut off (again). She also put out an appeal to the listening audience to please make donations to support me and the work we are doing. We can't do the work if we can't pay the bills, if we don't even have the resources for basic living expenses.
So, at least until next month's bill gets to be way overdue (and assuming my power is not shut off), I will continue to co-host The Medical Conspiracy with Dr. Carpenter.
I thank Dr. Carpenter for her support and for placing such a value on our combined efforts to fight for the truth and for Health Care Freedom. 
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May 30, 2013
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