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Monday, December 3, 2012

EXPOSED: Stooges for COINTELPRO Ken Adachi, Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey & Accomplices

Barbara Hartwell
Credibility: Barbara was identifying controlled opposition and disinformation agents long before most of us woke up to the global control agenda. Her stories are extremely credible in view of what is becoming more common knowledge about Illuminati spooks in alternative media. The criticism she attracts from known disinformation agents connected to Ted Gunderson is also telling.
-- Excerpt from 'Truther Guide', The Big Picture
The comment above comes from a website which analyzes the so-called 'alternative media' and 'Truth Movement'. There are lists of individuals and their websites, some designated 'disinfo' or 'controlled opposition' and others whose work is considered legitimate via a track record of truthful and accurate reporting.
I haven't yet had a chance to thoroughly peruse the information furnished on this website, and I have seen a few things with which I don't agree; but given the fact that the author clearly understands that Ted Gunderson and his minions have been instrumental in wreaking extensive damage to the credibility of legitimate journalists and whistleblowers  who are working to expose the truth about government corruption, I do appreciate that he has added my name to the list of  'credible' independent journalists. 
The link to this site was sent to me by investigative journalist Sherri Kane, with whom I have been collaborating, along with Dr. Len Horowitz, over roughly the past two (2) years to expose COINTELPRO operatives and their minions, shills and stooges.
As it happened, Sherri had discovered that the attacks on her partner, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a well-known author and leading whistleblower against Big Pharma and Medical Mafia, which began in 2007, were perpetrated and engineered by the same criminal network --headed by the late FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson-- which had targeted Barbara Hartwell since the late 1990s. I have been exposing this particular criminal/counterintelligence network since 2000.  
Prior to that time I had been targeted for neutralization by CIA, as a high profile whistleblower exposing CIA black operations in which I had been involved, and my reports have been published on the Internet since 1995.
In the listings for Barbara Hartwell, including in the category 'Best Researchers', the author gives the link to my website:
And also gives the link (below) to an extremely libelous posting (2004) attacking Barbara Hartwell, from Educate-Yourself, the site owned and operated by one Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau), who served as the primary PR shill for the late Ted Gunderson. The outrageous lies promoted by Ken Adachi and his fellow COINTELPRO stooges demonstrate what a legitimate journalist/whistleblower is faced with, once targeted for such a massive smear campaign.
Here, a brief description from The Big Picture website exposing Ken Adachi and Ted Gunderson:

Ken Adachi's  Educate Yourself is controlled opposition as demonstrated by his positive coverage of Ted Gunderson, who was an Illuminati operative.  The site also links to Henry Makow and Dr. John Coleman, both of whom are controlled.

[Note: Henry Makow, whom I have exposed in my reports for many years, as a psycho-babbling male supremacist, rabid misogynist and major promoter of disinformation, has been featured on Adachi's site for many years; and most recently Adachi has ramped up his promotion of Makow, as a staunch defender, after Makow started a smear campaign against Jeff Rense, who apparently slighted both Adachi and Makow by refusing to continue to publish their articles. I'm no fan of Rense, never have been, but that is not the point -- the fact is, it is any editor's prerogative to publish what he pleases and to reject that which he does not want, at his own discretion.

Makow's spiteful attacks on Rense were based on monstrous invasions of privacy, snooping into Rense's personal life and recruiting several of Rense's ex-wives to provide testimony against Rense --none of which has anything to do with the public issues Rense covers on his website or radio show. Makow has now also revealed himself as an aggressive busybody and gossip (just like his pal Ken Adachi), which can only further discredit him for the lowlife he is.]  

Adachi has been running his libel/slander campaign against Barbara Hartwell since 2000 (shortly after I broke off my professional association and personal friendship with Ted Gunderson, for cause), and has dedicated an entire permanent section of his website to this libel, which he has titled "Barbara Hartwell Founder and CEO of Liars, Inc." My friends,  Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, later discovered, through their own experiences of being targeted by Ken Adachi and his accomplices, just how damaging these COINTELPRO campaigns against Targets can actually be.
The perps wage assaults on every area of the Target's life. As a direct result of the character defamation and libelous falsehoods aggressively promoted by these government shills, family relationships and friendships are often destroyed; the Target may end up financially and/or professionally ruined; may not be able to find gainful employment, or may lose business in private enterprises; may be ostracized and shunned by society in general, as well as those who were formerly friends, and even relatives. In the worst case scenarios, the Target may end up homeless, without transportation, isolated and alone, unable to get any kind of support, material or otherwise.
Make no mistake: These COINTELPRO campaigns are designed to DESTROY the Target. That is what neutralization is all about. "Neutralize them" was the motto of FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover himself, passed down directly to his second-in command, Ted L. Gunderson, official COINTELPRO, ex-officio COINTELPRO, and de facto COINTELPRO for more than half a century.
As for Ken Adachi, he has done more damage with his outrageous lies and diabolical calumny against Barbara Hartwell, than most of the other government-sponsored minions combined. For one thing, he's been at it longer than any of the others; secondly, unfortunately for his Targets, Adachi has a high-traffic website which serves the dual purpose of running his scams, and perpetrating mail fraud, ripping off the public with his "health" gizmos and gadgets (for which he has been cited for fraud, and as a  liar, by many public watchdog organizations and those victimized by his scams) --meanwhile, attacking true patriots, legitimate journalists/government whistleblowers, sincere Christians, with his smear campaigns. Thus Adachi "kills two birds with one stone", while raking in a tidy profit, lying to the public on various fronts to "earn" his living.
And although I have already addressed this particular piece of trash promoted by Ken Adachi and  two of his most despicable accomplices, known by Targets as the "demonic duo", Timothy Patrick White (aka Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski), and Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter" aka many, many other screen names and aliases this little coward hides behind to do his dirty work), I will take this opportunity to expose the "three stooges", Adachi, White and Fahey, once again --because this posting has been up on Adachi's site for more than eight (8) years...and counting, as the damages to Barbara Hartwell continue to accrue.
It is also important to note that both Tim White and Todd Fahey have been  perpetrators and longtime accomplices, not only of Ken Adachi,  but also in collusion with the other criminals in this network, such as A. "True" Ott, Ott's lackey, Alex Studer, Doug Millar, Don Nicoloff, Eric Phelps, Craig Oxley et al; and they have also more recently viciously attacked, libeled and slandered Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, along with continuing their campaign against Barbara Hartwell.
These odious criminal perpetrators also engage in identity theft, forgery, plagiarism, and either attempted or actual extortion and blackmail against their Targets.
So let me be very clear: This is not only about civil offenses, but also criminal offenses, and the perpetrators, without exception, should be arrested, tried and convicted for their many crimes against persons. That is my objective, and all Targets of these criminals with whom I am acquainted are in solid agreement.
My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.

By Ken Adachi
August 11, 2004

Tim White sent me an e mail that Barbara Hartwell, the most vicious and slandering CIA mind controlled disinfo agent on the Internet, has apparently pulled her web site and all of its mendacious, venom filled odorous content. But fear not, Hartwell fans, we've downloaded her web site in its entirety and will recount her catalog of outrageous fabrications flung at real American patriots like Ted Gunderson and Fritz Springmeier in great detail when I attend to her story-which is long overdue. It's hard to say whether the Crimson Viper has decided to get out of Dodge permanently or maybe she just couldn't pay the server. Another possibility is the UK server which hosted her may have been paid for by a duped fan (or the CIA) and that person decided to stop supporting her. I don't know, but I do know that she's an expert at crying poor, hitting on innocent readers to support her and will then turn around to savagely attack them if they dare express a word of concern about Hartwell's unconscionable attacks on people like Don Stacey. Hartwell is a piece of work whose lies have served to damage the reputations of many innocent American patriots over the Internet . Her boat load of lies, however, are not going to be forgotten by this writer. Her web site may have disappeared from the Internet, but her name and her LIES will be scrutinized and exposed for a long time to come at this web site. You can take that to the bank.

Send flowers and Sympathy cards to CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia. They will understand.

[BHP: Here, Adachi, as usual, falsely states that I am CIA, and that my activities are sponsored by CIA. This is the BIG LIE meant to discredit me, which was promoted for over a decade by Ted Gunderson, "Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent", which Gunderson tirelessly spouted, on radio programs, video presentations, at conferences where he was a featured speaker as a "Patriot Celebrity". The lie has also been fed to a veritable army of minions and stooges eager to do Gunderson's dirty work (including of course, Adachi himself)  and has ended up on countless websites and message boards as libel of Barbara Hartwell.

As for the reason my website was taken down, Adachi, having no facts, no information whatsoever (as usual) simply speculates, making his usual idiotic assumptions, attempting to weave a sensational story about some connection to CIA.

But the truth, as always, is far simpler and more mundane. I took my website offline myself, because I did not own the domain name (it had been donated by a sponsor in the U.K.) and I had no control over what was happening. What was happening was this: Someone (yes, probably those cotton-pickin' folks down in Langley) hacked into the site where the registrants were listed, and placed this listing as the owner:

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C.

I was then falsely accused by the army of stooges of "working for George Bush". Shortly after I made a complaint trying to get the false information removed, somebody again hacked in and changed the listing to:

9-11 Nuke Iraq Street

Now, I was falsely accused of supporting Bush's actions other than war in Iraq...and so on and so forth...

What else could I do? In disgust, I took the website down. And no, it was not because Langley decided not to "continue" supporting me. They have NEVER supported me in any way, contrary to the continuing lies promoted by Ken Adachi, Tim White et al.

After that, being too poor to get a new domain name, I had no website online for the next two years (August 2004- September 2006).
And finally, having no other choice, no resources, no support whatsover, I put up this 'blog'. Which is a far cry from a 'real' website, but all I could afford. And at present, I am having a hell of a time even keeping my Internet access, again due to poverty.

Note that Tim White is given as the "source" for the information that Barbara Hartwell's  website has been taken offline. Tim White, another stooge for the Gunderson cabal, a career criminal, predicate felon and fed snitch who made a deal (2002) for a reduction in his prison sentence (drug trafficking), was tasked by corrupt feds to harass, stalk and threaten designated  Targets of Gunderson's COINTELPRO operation. 

Parenthetically, White was never charged by the arresting officers for child pornography, which was found at his home during the drug bust, along with a huge collection of pornographic filth in the form of videos, magazines, as well as sex gadgets and a large wardrobe of hooker's attire for White's transvestite cross-dressing activities.

It appears that this felony crime of possession of child pornography was conveniently overlooked by the feds, as part of White's "deal" for early release from prison.

Tim White, the criminal psycho stalker porno freak, has often been the "source" of the libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell which appear on Adachi's website. So ask yourself: What kind of "source" is this? Could Adachi possibly have scraped any deeper to the bottom of this barrel of filth? What kind of credibility could such a character possibly have? None at all, and that is a well established fact.

The fact is, Tim White was tasked with targeting Barbara Hartwell in 2001 by Ted Gunderson, who was also pulling the strings of his PR shill, Ken Adachi, using this government disinfo website to promote outrageous lies about Targets, most notably Barbara Hartwell, considered PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE by this criminal cabal.

Why? Because Barbara Hartwell was exposing the truth about this criminal cabal headed by Ted Gunderson. Because my reports are based on FACTS, and supported by solid evidence.
Ken Adachi accuses Barbara Hartwell of:     

"...outrageous fabrications flung at real American patriots like Ted Gunderson and Fritz Springmeier..."

The so-called "outrageous fabrications" come NOT from Barbara Hartwell, but from malicious liar Adachi and his lying accomplices. The FACT, for example, that Ted Gunderson sold Stinger missiles to Osama bin Laden in 1979, while still working for the FBI. This FACT, exposed by Barbara Hartwell, was only one of many that Ted Gunderson at first publicly denied, then later admitted to, over the radio airwaves, once he saw that I and my colleagues had evidence of same.

Then, there is the FACT that Ted Gunderson married Diana Rively, the widow of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, in 1998. Gunderson denied this FACT literally until his dying day. However, I produced evidence of this FACT from my files, in the form of a letter from Ted Gunderson to Barbara Hartwell (on FBI stationery, no less) which I shared with Sherri Kane, who also posted it on her website.

As for the "real" American patriot, Fritz Springmeier (aka Arthur Alexander Jr. aka Victor E. Schoff), after investigating some of his activities, reading his material and interviewing several witnesses (who had been ripped off, conned or otherwise damaged by Springmeier), and obtaining documentation of same (including copies of Springmeier's false IDs), I offered my considered professional opinion in my reports that Springmeier is a charlatan, a mind control handler, and a disinformation specialist who promotes the "Monarch" project, which I can guarantee was never a CIA operation, under MK Ultra, as Springmeier and others, such as Mark Phillips, have claimed. 

Not to mention that Springmeier is a criminal, who only recently was released from prison for bank robbery. (He claims he was "set up". But then, don't they all?)

So much for the "outrageous fabrications" about Gunderson and Springmeier, of which I am falsely accused by Ken Adachi. The truth is, I investigate and expose criminals, because it is my purpose to warn others about them and put them out of business before they can do additional harm to people, or to this country. Some "patriots" Adachi is defending.

Next item:   "...but I do know that she's an expert at crying poor, hitting on innocent readers to support her and will then turn around to savagely attack them if they dare express a word of concern about Hartwell's unconscionable attacks on people like Don Stacey. Hartwell is a piece of work whose lies have served to damage the reputations of many innocent American patriots over the Internet .

Well, first of all,  the "crying poor" nonsense is part of Adachi's plot to stop anyone from making donations to Barbara Hartwell. And I must admit, he has been very effective at doing just that. For years, people have been reading Adachi's damaging lies and making a decision, based only on his lies (and those of his "sources") that Barbara Hartwell is a "liar", a "CIA disinfo agent", the "Crimson Viper", etc. etc.

As for Don Stacey, I exposed in my reports the FACT that Stacey is CIA. I exposed the FACT that he was functioning as part of a containment operation/protection racket in collusion with Ted Gunderson. I exposed the FACT that Stacey was a handler for certain "mind control survivors" who claimed to have been involved in "Monarch", such as Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor, yet another individual promoting disinformation at the expense of many legitimate survivors of government mind control operations, including Barbara Hartwell.

I exposed the FACT that Stacey had targeted me in the late 1990s and attempted to gain influence over my activities, and failed miserably--instead he got busted, by Yours Truly. 

I exposed the FACT that Stacey had been involved in a plot to also threaten certain of my relatives (covertly of course) and that he had done the same to some of my colleagues, all ex-military, former intelligence professionals like myself, who were involved in government black ops. And finally, I exposed the FACT that one of Stacey's fellow CIA operatives admitted to an acqaintance of mine, Vince Lodato (former government scientist) that yes, THEY (Stacey and he) were in fact CIA, but claimed they were "the good CIA", and that Barbara Hartwell (who had exposed them) was "the bad CIA".

But the truth is far simpler: Barbara Hartwell is EX-CIA, investigating and exposing criminals who are ACTUAL CIA. And that is precisely why these bastards consider me a threat to their criminal enterprises.

Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it, Adachi!

Now, moving along to another criminal accomplice of Ken Adachi et al, one Todd Brendan Fahey. Fahey is yet another "source" used by Ken Adachi against Barbara Hartwell, since 2004. Todd Fahey is a pretentious poseur, a false patriot, a drug addict (and trafficker), a degenerate alcoholic, a forger, an identity thief, a blackmailer (which he has not only openly admitted, but BOASTED of in his public reports!), as well as a porno freak and sex pervert/predator (including targeting children --just like his other half of the demonic duo, Tim White.)

Additionally, Todd Fahey has for many years been obsessed with Barbara Hartwell, a fact noted by many readers of his outrageous lies directed at me, in addition to his hideous fabrications of pornographic filth in connection with my name, which he has been distributing all over the Internet since 2004.

Fahey uses many aliases and screen names to harass, stalk and libel those on his Target list, which more recently included Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane. Fahey was also involved, with accomplice Tim White and the fake "doctor" A. "True" Ott, in a blackmail scheme targeting Len and Sherri, which Ken Adachi was also promoting on his website, Educate-Yourself.

Again, what kind of "source" is this Todd Fahey? Just another pathological liar and psychopath, like his pals Adachi and White.

Now, for a libelous e-mail exchange between Todd Fahey and Ken Adachi. Note that Fahey has published the libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell on his website as a "news article", and sent it to Adachi, knowing that Adachi has been the primary "source" publishing false information against Barbara Hartwell. "The enemy of my enemy", that is the typical approach taken by the likes of scum Adachi and Fahey. 

Adachi then returned the favor by publishing Fahey's libel as "Comments" on his own site.


----- Original Message -----
From: Todd Fahey
Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 8:28 PM
Subject: Wither ?

Wither ?

Blabs Hartwell's Web site is no more. Dunno the details, but am happy about this, as she resorted to sending YOUR [persons' names deleted] PERSONAL MAIL to her on her site. Which was an unscrupulous thing to do.
She's broke, desperate, given to the alcohol jones, and living in a house that is not owned by her, but by a "friend," who is a Bircher. She paid out $800 during my stay at her house to have one of her (5) five cats examined (it had drank anti-freeze, somewhere in the town, and the summer-renters of the house where B. Hartwell lives tracked her down, to tell her that they'd found her cat deeply sick, under their trailer). So, Blabs is broke, and maybe she can't afford to manage her own Web site.

I DOUBT this is the case, though, as the hosting service which held her stuff online is also, now, defunct (OFFLINE).


[BHP: First of all, Fahey lies (as always) about so-called "PERSONAL MAIL". At no time have I ever had any form of communication with Ken Adachi (who has never been anything but my enemy), by e-mail or otherwise. Nor have I ever published any kind of "personal mail" without the express permission of the writer. 

As for being "unscrupulous"? That is solely Fahey's province. Fahey not only invades privacy with impunity, via publishing "personal mail", he goes so far as to FORGE e-mail, tamper with it by adding text not written by the author, and to steal the identity of Barbara Hartwell (and others).

FACT: The "alcohol jones" is that solely of Fahey, NOT Barbara Hartwell. Fahey has been a degenerate alcholic and drug-abuser since his teenage years, a fact he has publicly admitted to on many occasions, and which his own parents have directly communicated to me. As always, Fahey, the pathological liar, takes his own offenses, character flaws, dishonesty and psychopathology and conveniently slaps it on the Target, in this case, Barbara Hartwell.

FACT: My former home at no time (including in 2004, at the time of this writing by Fahey) was ever owned by a "Bircher". My home was owned by me. Fahey fabricated a series of lies, over a period of years, claiming that my home was owned by: "a member of the John Birch Society"; owned by "Frank Nulton"; owned by "Jack Knowles" (a person I do not know and have never heard of).

In addition to Fahey's many lies about the ownership of my home (which is none of Fahey's damned business), he has been posting my PRIVATE UNLISTED street address all over the Internet, since 2004, in efforts to solicit additional invasions of privacy by like-minded busybodies and snoops, as well as to solicit CRIMES against my person by like-minded criminal stalkers. 

Soliciting a crime is a crime in and of itself. And in fact crimes HAVE been committed (felony theft and vandalism) as a direct result of the monstrous invasions of privacy, by Todd Fahey, Tim White and Ken Adachi, all of whom have been in collusion in the campaign of persecution against Barbara Hartwell.]

----- Original Message -----
From: Editor [Ken Adachi]
To: Todd Fahey
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 3:52 PM
Subject: Re: Wither ?

Thanks, Ken

----- Original Message -----

From: Todd Fahey
To: Editor [Ken Adachi]
Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 3:45 AM
Subject: Re: Wither ?


I'll "share notes" with you (regarding Barbara Hartwell), if you'll reciprocate.
I lived with the lady and know a LOT about her.


[BHP: Now, the spineless little maggot, Todd Fahey, begins his collusion with Ken Adachi to further damage the name, and defame the character of Barbara Hartwell.

FACT: Todd Fahey was the "houseguest from Hell", a freeloader in my home for three miserable weeks, after he published notices on the Internet seeking asylum, when he was threatened with deportation first from South Korea (which he boasted that he had "blackmailed" an official with a sex scandal to stop the deportation); and later from Thailand.

At the time I offered him sanctuary, which I did out of the kindness of my heart and Christian charity, I had no idea that Fahey was a psychopath, a pathological liar, a sex pervert/predator, and a lowlife criminal. Until I had the great displeasure of meeting him in person, I believed he was a patriot and a Christian, based only on his writings, which I later learned were nothing more than pretensions of patriotism and Christian values/beliefs.

I and my family had to call the police to remove him from my property, when he refused to leave when directed to do so, after  a series of extremely  aggressive actions by Fahey, including  drunk and disorderly conduct and threats of violence against me and my relatives.

FACT: Fahey again lies, stating "I know a LOT about her". What Fahey claims to "know" are nothing but delusions spawned by his severe psychopathology; and/or wild speculation and/or fabrications he has concocted, all of which have been solidly refuted by me in many reports exposing the civil and criminal offenses of Todd Brendan Fahey.]

---- Original Message -----
From: Editor [Ken Adachi]
To: Todd Fahey
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 11:18 PM
Subject: Re: Wither ?

Hi Todd,

Sure. I haven't lived with her (Praise the Lord), but I have lots of her stuff gathered over the years from the internet.

What did you want to cover about her?

Regards, Ken

[BHP: Naturally, Adachi seizes the opportunity to plot more schemes against Barbara Hartwell.  Now Adachi, the anti-Christ New Age occultist, claims to be "praising the Lord"? Like Fahey, he is a vile hypocrite who uses the name of the Lord in vain, whenever it suits his purposes.]   

----- Original Message -----
From: Todd Fahey
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 12:22 AM
Subject: Re: Wither ?

Howdy, Ken,

Well, she sure as hell brought up your name a lot, during my 18-day stay at the house that's been loaned to her by a member of the John Birch Society (she doesn't own the house in Maine). Sez you're CIA (but, then, she says almost everyone is CIA, doesn't she?).

She didn't really describe you, physically, but, to the best of my memory, I think she said that you and she met once or possibly several times.

She was filled with venom about you, for some reason. (Not that that would be any surprise to you).

Am swamped at-present (will be free tomorrow), with teaching duties in South Korea (yes, I made it out of that mad-hatter's house and out of Amerika). Will correspond very soon, regarding my ideas about Blabs.


P.S.: Any new news about the state of her Web site? I just know it's kaput; haven't inquired as to its status, or of the Webmaster of ISP.

[BHP: More lies by Todd Fahey. My home was never "loaned" to me by "a member of the John Birch Society", nor by anyone else. I have no idea where Fahey came up with this false notion. And I certainly DID own the home at the time I was living there.

FACT: At no time did I ever tell Todd Fahey that Ken Adachi was "CIA". Another baldfaced lie. And one of the most ludicrous notions imaginable. As I've stated before, Ken Adachi is a rank amateur, a stooge (just like Fahey himself) and is certainly far from being CIA material.

FACT: No, I do not say that just about everyone is CIA, nor did I ever make such claims to Todd Fahey. I have named very few persons as being CIA. As for those I have named, my claims are based on facts, as always. (Check my reports and see how few people I have ever named as CIA.) Unlike Fahey and Adachi, I do not sling around false accusations to serve my own agenda.

FACT: At no time did I ever tell Todd Fahey that I had met Ken Adachi. Just another fabrication and more false witness by Fahey. And no, I have never had the misfortune to meet this slug, Ken Adachi. As for Fahey's "memory", it appears to be non-existent, as a result of his drug-addled, alcohol-soaked brain. Aside from that serious handicap, Fahey regularly lies to serve his own agenda. Trouble is, he can't keep track of his own lies, so they are bound to change from time to time to suit his own purposes. 

Oh what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to deceive... 

As for "venom" regarding Ken Adachi? No, only righteous outrage, if his name was brought up at all.] 

Hello Todd,

Hartwell's slam pieces about me usually referred to me as an insignificant nobody who, essentially, didn't have the 'RIGHT' to comment about her or her outrageous slanders towards Ted Guderson and Brice Taylor, etc. According to her, I wasn't worthy of such comment because I wasn't within the circle of "professionals", such as herself, which she oddly considered to be the appropriate category in characterizing the 'work' of a CIA mind controlled slave.

Setting aside for the moment her pathological slanderings against Ted and other effective NWO opponents that she was programmed to attack, she routinely revealed the depth of her psychosis by ballyhooing her 'professional' accreditation in practically every diatribe she ever wrote. She wanted the whole world to know -ad nausea- how highly 'educated' she was, in order to claim a position of authority for the crap she was writing.

She had the temerity to boast that she has a "doctorate" when in fact she obtained a worthless piece of paper from a diploma mill for what amounted to a few weeks of 'lessons' via correspondence. I seriously doubt that the woman ever spent a day of her life in a college classroom. If she HAD earned an advanced degree in the conventional manner, I'm quite sure we would heard about it until the cows came home. Anyone, by the way, can obtain a 'doctorate' of divinity for roughly $100 and a stamp. I have the catalog here in my files for the Universal Church of Love & Light (or something close to that) of which I suspect she is an 'alumni'.

Nothing is more boring to me than the subject of Barbara Hartwell, but her contemptible behavior in repeatedly slandering Ted Gunderson over the internet, like that of her CIA cohorts, Stew Webb and Linda Newkirk, is going to be exposed and countered by this 'nobody' until Barbara Hartwell is widely recognized by the internet world for the utter fraud and CIA disinfo puppet that she is.

Regards, Ken

[BHP: Again the presumptuous fool and aggressive busybody, Ken Adachi (certainly a "nobody"), libels Barbara Hartwell by calling me a "CIA mind controlled slave".

FACT: I have never been any kind of "slave". Adachi is apparently parroting the disinformation furnished by Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor) and/or Fritz Springmeier, and their "Monarch" garbage, both of whom he supports and promotes.

FACT: I left all CIA operations in 1994. Permanently and irrevocably. Adachi, the idiot, thinks he can use the "mind controlled slave" label to discredit Barbara Hartwell, but it doesn't hold water.

Now, Adachi makes another false claim" that I was "programmed to attack" Ted Gunderson.

FACT: I did not know Ted Gunderson until 1997, nor had even heard of him. There was never any prior connection between me and Ted Gunderson, in any way, shape or form. Nor was I "programmed" at any time, to "attack" anyone, including Ted Gunderson.

But more to the point, Adachi knows absolutely nothing about my background, my experiences, my professional training, or any of the "programming" which was perpetrated against me by CIA.

Nor does Adachi know anything whatsoever about my education. So, as usual, he fabricates stories like the one here:

"She had the temerity to boast that she has a "doctorate" when in fact she obtained a worthless piece of paper from a diploma mill for what amounted to a few weeks of 'lessons' via correspondence. I seriously doubt that the woman ever spent a day of her life in a college classroom."

FACT: I have never at any time "boasted" of having a doctorate degree. I in fact do have a doctorate degree in Divinity; but it was not obtained from any kind of "diploma mill". Note that Adachi uses the words "in fact". He presents this false information, for which he furnishes no evidence, AS IF he, Ken Adachi, is the expert on the life of Barbara Hartwell. 

How would Adachi know what I do or do not have? He in fact knows nothing, but being the malicious liar he is (just like his pal, Todd Fahey) will say anything he thinks will fly, as long as he thinks it will discredit and defame the name of Barbara Hartwell.

"I have the catalog here in my files for the Universal Church of Love & Light (or something close to that) of which I suspect she is an 'alumni'."

I have never had any dealings, nor have purchased any "degree" from such an institution (if in fact one exists). Nor have I ever heard of the "Universal Church of Love & Light".

Furthermore, it is none of Adachi's business about my education, or any other area of my life. Aside from being a malicious liar, Adachi is one of the most aggressive busybodies I have ever encountered.

What's more, I have thoroughly exposed him as such in many reports, over a period of the past 12 years. For those interested in the truth about this demonic being, Ken Adachi, see the reports on this site. 

Also see my reports on Adachi's longtime criminal accomplices, the demonic duo, Tim White and Todd Fahey.

By their fruits shall you know them.

But before I wrap up this report, I will take this opportunity to mention that Stew Webb, who recently went on a rampage of libel, slander and threats of "RICO" lawsuits against Barbara Hartwell, has, as part of his efforts to destroy my good name, accused me of being part of a "FBI CIA Good Cop Bad Cop Stooge Game" in collusion with Ken Adachi.

Anyone reading this report (or the many others I have written exposing Ken Adachi) --anyone that is, with an ounce of discernment, will know how utterly ludicrous such a claim is, and will now understand that Stew Webb's behavior has become as despicable as some of the "enemies" he claims to expose, including Ken Adachi and Tim White. Stew Webb is a malicious liar, as he has proven by his vicious and unwarranted attacks on Barbara Hartwell.

And lastly, there is something else I find it necessary to report, regarding this lowlife, Todd Brendan Fahey. His website, 'Friends of Liberty' is being heavily promoted by a "Christian" pastor named Chuck Baldwin. I first learned of this when I happened to see an article by Chuck Baldwin, in which he was recommending certain websites as being of value for "patriots".

I then went to Baldwin's website, and sure enough, there it was, listed among his recommended links: "Friends of Liberty".  I was, naturally, appalled and outraged.

Why would a man who claims to be a "Christian" promote this loathsome freak, this psychopath, this criminal, this porno-monger and sex pervert/predator (who targets children), this stalker, this blackmailer, this forger, this identity thief, Todd Fahey?

Maybe Mr. Baldwin never took the time to check out exactly whom he was promoting. Or maybe, he just doesn't care, as long as Fahey is promoting Baldwin's "patriotic" articles on "Friends of Liberty", otherwise known as Friends of Obscenity. 

Either way, there is simply no excuse. Every time one of Baldwin's readers clicks the link to this vile website, Baldwin is aiding and abetting the crimes of Todd Brendan Fahey in his ceaseless aggression against Barbara Hartwell.

In any case, upon discovering this outrage, I immediately added Chuck Baldwin's name to my HALL OF SHAME. Where it will remain in perpetuity, unless and until Baldwin publicly acknowledges his grievous error in promoting not a "patriot", but a scum criminal, a traitor to these United States, someone whose anti-Christian sentiments could not be any more obvious.

I have also alerted a number of my friends and colleagues to this fact about Chuck Baldwin, and they have taken my warning to heart by boycotting his website and passing the message along to others.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 3, 2012

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