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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Child Pornography Perp Scott David Peters aka "Truthwar" Busted

NOTE AND CORRECTION: I posted a report on April 30 addressing the arrest of a perpetrator for possession and distribution of child pornography. I removed the original report when I learned that some of the information I received was inaccurate. The name of the perp described in the report, given as George Albert Kokola (also arrested for child pornography in a separate case), was not correct. The correct name is: Scott David Peters.
I apologize to the readers for the inaccurate information and after making corrections, I have reposted it.
When more information on this case is available from the Winnipeg Police, it will be posted.
May 1, 2012

Scott David Peters aka "Truthwar" Busted After Visually Assaulting Women with Photos of Naked Children
I first came into contact with Howard Nema, co-founder of WE ARE CHANGE, Connecticut, when I was invited to be interviewed on his program on NFormed Radio.
Our first program (April 7) with guests Dr. Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane and Barbara Hartwell,    addressed COINTELPRO. Howard invited me back the next week, and we continued our discussion of counterintelligence operations, as well as other topics.
Within the short time I've known him, I have found Howard to be a dynamic activist as well as a knowlegable and talented talk show host, and we have developed an alliance and friendship based on our common interests.
Last Saturday, April 28, Howard's radio program was broadcast simultaneously with The Medical Conspiracy (Orion Radio), hosted by Dr. Antonella Carpenter (a high-profile Target of COINTELPRO), on which I again appeared as a guest to continue our exposure of these operations which are meant to neutralize, discredit and ruin the lives of activists, journalists and whistleblowers. We thought that by combining our efforts, we could reach a larger audience, and although there were some technical problems, the broadcast was mainly a success.
But, aside from COINTELPRO, there was another issue we found it imperative to cover, which we did in the third hour of Howard's broadcast, and which continued into the next program, Outside the Margins, hosted by Ronny Bennic and Chris Honeyfield.
Howard's network, NFormed Radio, had, unbeknownst to him, been infiltrated by a sex predator/child porno freak, using the screen name "Truthwar" (he never revealed his real name, except to give two different first names, "Scott" and "Dave"), who had been the engineer on the network at the time Howard and his co-host Vinny had bought the network in 2011.
[NOTE: After his arrest, Truthwar's full name was divulged by police: Scott David Peters.]
Howard and Vinny had no reason to think that Truthwar was anything other than a 'regular guy', when they 'inherited' his services from the previous owner and agreed to keep him on as engineer. As Howard stated on the air, Truthwar was reliable in running the technical aspects of the network. Truthwar seemed to be interested in and well-researched on the topics covered on the program, and occasionally came on the air to comment.
Nobody suspected that this quiet, soft-spoken "activist" was in reality a scum criminal, a collector of child pornography and a psychopath who gets twisted gratification in harming and traumatizing innocent people, most specifically, women and children.
By the time Howard told me, in confidence, about this discovery, I had already spent hours with him, on the telephone and on skype calls, discussing other issues, which dovetailed with my longtime investigations of criminal activity within the COINTELPRO network, which uses its minions to libel/slander,  harass, stalk and threaten Targets. Some of these criminals had been previously exposed in my reports as being either child porno freaks, pedophiles, or protectors/advocates, and/or accomplices of same. [See reports on this site for names of perps.]
Howard was naturally shocked, outraged and extremely distressed by the presence of this criminal, Truthwar (whom he had previously believed was a "friend") in his network. His immediate  objective was to sever all ties with this perp and get him out of his network ASAP, as well as to get him 'off the streets', and he reported Truthwar to the authorities in Winnipeg, Canada, where the perp resides.
Howard has been in contact with a detective from the Winnipeg Police since early April, to whom he first reported Truthwar, who was arrested on Thursday, April 26, after a  surveillance operation and search warrant led to the discovery of child pornography.
And there was another problem: Howard told me that Truthwar, whom he had previously trusted, held the 'codes' to the server (he was the only person who had them), and Howard was therefore dependent on him, as the engineer.  As Howard understood, his whole network could have been compromised, under the circumstances.  The detective was made aware of all this, because Howard held nothing back, giving him every detail of the situation.
Here's the story, as reported by Howard Nema to me, with permission to publish, all of which was furnished by Howard (along with evidence) to the Winnipeg Police. 
One day, after a broadcast, Truthwar was in a skype chat forum with two women, Ronny Bennic, host of another program on Howard's network, the other being Marlina Miriam, not connected to the network. According to later testimony from Ronny Bennic, Truthwar had, for about the past month, been engaged in what she described as a "flirtation" with Marlina Miriam.
Ronny Bennic, who had also previously considered Truthwar a "friend", and had been given no reason to suspect him, had asked Truthwar (the engineer) for the files of a recent show, so she could post them on her website.  But Truthwar, instead of sending the files to her, started playing mind games, which eventually led to him 'sharing' a screen on his computer, on which were displayed images of naked children, little girls, all obviously under the age of ten, some much younger.
Ronny was shocked and disturbed by this, and made that clear. Truthwar then began to taunt, bait and goad her, basically daring her to report him to the authorities, and also did the same to Marlina Miriam.
Howard later got a copy of the text of the conversation (which he sent to the police for evidence) and also sent it to me for analysis and for use in my report.
To protect her privacy (especially knowing that she was deeply traumatized), I will not include Ronny's part of the conversation (nor that of Marlina Miriam, whose activities will be further examined in due course), but will limit the comments to those made by Truthwar. As you will see, they are self-explanatory, simply by "reading between the lines".
Truthwar: cus you can tell howard i don't show things i think i should be ashamed of 
[Third Party in chatroom: what the heck are you chatting about??... how do I shut this chat off on my end?]
Truthwar: fuhk with me if you think it's necessary
Truthwar: i deserve my name
Truthwar: call me if you dare
Truthwar: bad fucking mood now
Truthwar: call me and tell me what a faggot loser paedophile i am maybe you can intimidate me into giving you the phile [file]
Truthwar: i'm tired of being used put aside when usefulness has passed
Truthwar: call the cops i welcome it
Truthwar: why should you be shocked by what someone wanted to show you?
Truthwar: nudists are also mothers so grow up
Truthwar: you have nude beaches there wtf
Truthwar: i'm tired of bullshit
Truthwar: can't take it too bad wtf can i do
Truthwar: i'm about the truth that's fucking all
Truthwar: deal with it or leave please
Truthwar: take me on
Truthwar: expose me. please
Truthwar: you think you know so much aobut what you saw, report it
Truthwar: this is a war against truth
Truthwar: if you think there is something that needs reporting i encourage you to do so
Truthwar: beg you
Truthwar: want some more? you can have anything you want
Truthwar: see the cops at my door or g'bye marlina
Truthwar: FUCK the bullshit
Truthwar: i'm fucking waiting report me or fuck off
Truthwar: i don't have child porn
Truthwar: nudism isn't porn
Truthwar: if you have any further allegations i suggest you get a lawyer
Truthwar: you want to be molested huh good
Truthwar: i'd love you to send them on me
Truthwar: i have nothing unlawful or illegal on my computer
Truthwar: mind slut (talking to Marlina Miriam)
Howard had told me that the police had Truthwar under surveillance, that they were going to serve a search warrant (April 26) and that the detective had advised him to just let things go on as normal at the radio network, being careful not to alert the perp that he had been reported, or was under surveillance. The same was made clear to Ronny Bennic and to Marlina Miriam, who had also reported Truthwar to the police.
But being a gossip/busybody, Marlina Miriam threw caution to the winds and also threw a wrench into the operation. Instead of staying silent, as she was clearly instructed and cautioned by the police, and which she had promised the others (Howard and Ronny) to do, she started blabbing (in true busybody fashion) to a number of other people not involved, on some Facebook page of a UFO group with which she was affiliated.
And not only was this busybody blabbing, she misrepresented the situation in such a way as to make it look as if Ronny Bennic, Howard Nema and others, were in cahoots with the perp, when all they were doing (with great difficulty, and under great stress, knowing what they knew) was FOLLOWING THE CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS OF THE POLICE, so that the perp would not be tipped off in advance. Something which Marlina, if she had half a brain in her head, would have also done. Instead, she stirred up a world of trouble, as busybodies always do.
One of these characters, someone using the name "Kianu Nibiru" (can these names get any more idiotic?) took it upon himself to spread the gossip far and wide, and made a public announcement to the group, UFO Connection 2012, which numbers 4000 members. Here, the message posted by Marlina's fellow Town Crier Busybody:
From Kianu Nibiru:
"Hey guys, just letting you know that the Administrators and I have decided to cut ties with the radio show, "Outside the Margins" and Nformd Radio. There was some "bleed over" of the venom behind the scenes, that ended up on the wall here. I will be open to discuss this event, or we can simply move forward."
Naturally, the hotbed of busybodies jumped right in with their ignorant  comments, without even knowing the facts, and made a consensus decision to "unfriend" (another stupid term) Ronny Bennic, and anyone else connected to the NFormed Radio Network. They also made negative judgments and unwarranted accusations, not knowing what they were talking about.
Here, just a sample of the Busybody Lynch Mob mentality.
Bill Cody: what happened man im curious
Kianu Nibiru: Ronny and another woman remained on skype after a broadcast, and a man affiliated with Ronny and Chris' radio show, revealed what is described as "traumatizing child pornography." The other woman confided in me that she reported it, but Ronny and Chris Honeyfield were encouraging her to remain quiet and sweep it under the rug. I contacted Ronny and Chris and STRONGLY encouraged them to get off their asses and contact authorities... they claim to have done so, but on our most recent radio broadcast; the Admins and I heard the "pedophile's voice." We want NOTHING to do with them or their show at this time. We submitted a letter, informing them of our wishes and things got ugly.
Bill Cody: good ta know thank u
Kianu Nibiru: You're welcome... I'm sure they'll have quite a bit to say about me; but, I can confidently say we're standing on good ground.
Melissa Pellegrini: Wow... That's awful. I'm glad you caught wind of it and took care of it properly!! :(( WHAT is wrong with people?? I'm actually shocked that anybody in today's world would just sweep something like that under the rug too!! Glad they came around~~
Kianu Nibiru:  It's a shame... they're acting as though there's an elaborate "sting operation" going on and that open discussion will prevent "justice" from being carried out; when the reality is that they're kissing the "offender's" butt, because he owns the radio station's servers.
It's simple, there are 2 eye witnesses, and the "offender" has a computer with a hard drive. The authorities can sort all the rest out, in my opinion.
Melissa Pellegrini: Any person that preys on children's innocence... needs to go away.... any person that protects them because they benefit from that person is JUST as guilty as far as I'm concerned. Those people probably were never abused and don't understand the kind of damage it can cause for years... for lifetimes. I'm ALL about breaking the pattern and the vicious cycle/circle. Glad you stood up for what is VERY right. Thank you.
Maria Morseby: I'm happy to hear you have the courage to stand by the victims side and reacting the way you did and stood up for what is right. Thank you
Lesli King: I totally agree, ladies. Big kudos to Kianu.
Melissa Pellegrini: Just made some more 'cuts' to my friend list! Geeze... totally shocking how some people behave
[NOTE: This statement, made by Kinau Niburu, is false: "the reality is that they're kissing the "offender's" butt, because he owns the radio station's servers."  
Howard Nema and his partner Vinny own the servers, NOT Truthwar. Truthwar was only serving as the engineer, and "owned" NOTHING related  to the network.]
What a bunch of self-righteous morons!
So, as a result of the indiscretions of Busybody Marlina, this other  loudmouthed pretentious fool, Kianu Nibiru, is hailed as a hero, and all the busybodies are spouting off their moral outrage, blaming the wrong people, calling them "guilty", and creating a brouhaha which could have completely compromised the investigation.
All I can say is that considering the hotbed of blabbing busybodies, it is a miracle the perp didn't hear of this and flee before he could be busted and taken into custody.
Finally, to wrap up, Busybody Marlina began to harass Howard Nema, demanding that he answer her scores of  "EMERGENCY" e-mails, regarding all the trouble she had stirred up. Howard told her, in no uncertain terms, to leave him alone (try telling that to a busybody, see how far you get), and that he wanted no further dealings with her, considering her foolish and dangerous behavior.
So what did Marlina Miriam do? She began to harass the police detective, even going so far as to accuse HIM of getting her Facebook page deleted!
The detective warned her to stop her meddling and blabbing, because she was "obstructing justice".
Last I heard, she hasn't bothered Howard again.
Others in this area of Canada were also arrested for child pornography trafficking during this same time period, which were unrelated to the Scott David Peters case, as it turned out. (See link below.)
Howard and I, and others, are praying that they get them all, and I hope these loathsome characters are put away for a long, long time, behind bars where they belong, so they can never harm another child again.
As for Howard Nema, contrary to the claims of the blabbing busybodies, he has been a hero in all this, and so has Ronny Bennic, who was horribly traumatized by the visual assault with child pornography by Truthwar.
There is nothing so precious as a child, and there is nothing so monstrous, so hideous, as the criminal who would desecrate and destroy an innocent life.
May God's Swift and Terrible Justice be visited upon them all.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 30, 2012
For more information on similar cases see: 

The following people were arrested and charged:

26 year old Allan Wilbur Burkhart- Syndicate Avenue North, Thunder Bay
. Accessing Child Pornography C.C. 163.1 (4.1)
. Possessing Child Pornography (2 Counts) C.C. 163.1 (4)
. Distributing Child Pornography C.C. 163.1 (3)

25 year old Justin David William Chabot - Athabasca Street, Thunder Bay
. Accessing Child Pornography C.C. 163.1 (4.1)
. Possessing Child Pornography (2 Counts) C.C. 163.1 (4)
. Distributing Child Pornography C.C. 163.1 (3)

42 year old George Albert Korkola - Bernard Street, Thunder Bay
. Accessing Child Pornography C.C. 163.1 (4.1)
. Possessing Child Pornography (2 Counts) C.C. 163.1 (4)

19 year old Michael William Brown - Simpson Street, Thunder Bay
. Accessing Child Pornography C.C. 163.1 (4.1)
. Possessing Child Pornography (2 Counts) C.C. 163.1 (4)


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