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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


NOTE: This report comes from my good friend, FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee. Over the past decade, we have worked together to document and expose the crimes of what we call the FBI/CIA assassins, those running the terror and torture campaigns against us, our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, and any other persons who are deemed a threat to their evil agenda of world domination and totalitarian one world government.

Geral's bona fides as a former FBI agent, Vietnam Veteran and attorney provide a framework from which he has been able to understand firsthand the magnitude of the evil and the tyranny that permeates our government, and indeed, governments worldwide.

The issue of political persecution against whistleblowers, activists and journalists is one on which he has (tragically) become an expert witness. I have found that few people out of government service have the courage to stand up against these evildoers, risking not only their reputations, but their very lives, without compromising themselves in the process.

For Geral Sosbee, there have been no compromises. Messengers of Truth and Defenders of Liberty don't compromise with evil. Period.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 21, 2011


By Geral Sosbee

I have documented for over a decade the tactics used by the fbi in their efforts to silence or neutralize me. Their efforts have failed because the truth of my reports are self-evident, especially as I produce abundant evidence of the harassment, libel,  torture, threats, attempted murder against me (see links below). I have also suggested that all who do not challenge (at least verbally) the tyranny and murderous oppression of the current United States war lords [notably those in the fbi/cia] are partly responsible by default for the continuing crimes against humanity that are ongoing under the surface (i.e., hidden by the popular media) around the globe.

Also, one must beware of the French horns and Baritones evident in the Marine Corp’s TV musical recruitment appeal to our young men and focus more on the misuse of our military by the low life assassins of the fbi/cia:

Perhaps the last hope for the education of the public is through the Indymedia groups and/or private websites of activists for peace. In this regard see a recent order from a shill (ruben stevens) that I stop posting on Indymedia:

Finally, in order for the reader of this report to investigate for himself the evidence of the emerging world inhumane domination by assassins, see the links shown below.  THANK YOU KINDLY. geral

COINTELPRO: The FBI's Covert Action Programs Against American Citizens

cia atrocities:

modern day cointel tactics:

more hate & death messages sent from  street thugs and  fbi  shills here:

fbi’s  subliminal message to Sosbee :

Imbecilic sgt at arms:

more death messages:

fbi operative exposed:

COINTELPRO in acton (19 plus parts):

COINTELPRO overview:


"To impugn the sanity of the target is another common tactic, with the intent that friends and family will not believe the horror stories of persecution and will instead believe the target to be mentally unbalanced or "paranoid". It is true that 'clinical' paranoia is a form of psychopathology; on the other hand, as those of us so targeted know all too well, the persecution is not 'imagined' (as a function of abberant psychology, such as delusions) but very real; it is life-destroying and often life-threatening in one way or another.”

My report on Bar Journal  article:

See some of the corrupt laws that allow the fbi and others to harass, torture and possibly kill their Targets:
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