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Monday, March 7, 2011

FBI/CIA Covert Unlawful Method Against Men: Castration

NOTE: This report by former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, details just one aspect of the 'neutralization' campaigns run against whistleblowers and those deemed 'dissidents' by corrupt government agencies. 
Chemical and biological warfare (poisoning) is used to destroy the health and well-being of targets, as well as to apply psychological pressure, which results in extreme stress and trauma.
But to add insult to injury, media outlets (controlled by the same corrupt Intel agencies) engage in selective censorship to prevent an expositor/whistleblower from alerting the public to these hideous crimes.
Note that in this case, Indymedia summarily and unjustly bans Geral Sosbee from posting on this issue.
The same type of selective censorship can be seen, as perpetrated by Google, AOL, Yahoo and others, apparently only against certain individuals who have been targeted for neutralization, while the non-targets are free to post anything they please, no matter the subject matter.
Having discussed these issues at length with Geral Sosbee, which he has investigated over a period of years, and having also heard the testimony of those targeted for assaults by chemical/biological warfare (both men and women), I have no doubt about these atrocities being perpetrated against those deemed "enemies of the state".
Shame on you, Indymedia Worldwide! 
March 7, 2011
Intelligence Report: Castration of the Enemy

The cia recently  announced that Viagra is being offered to men who help in the USA war effort in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. No mention is made by the cia of  the ongoing practices of the fbi/cia to castrate men who refuse to cooperate (in the murderous war efforts), or who otherwise act against the interests of the American  intelligence services (the fbi/cia).

Secret laws now authorize the fbi/cia, et al, to engage in threats of castration and actual castration at will when the intel services can show some basis for the chemical assaults on selected Targets. One such basis is the showing that the Target has or is suspected of having a venereal disease (such as HIV or HPV, etc.) and is therefore a presumed threat to society. Indeed over half the adult male population is now believed to be infected with the HPV, a fact that offers great opportunity for the intel services to carry out their threats of castration on a broad section of the general population.

If the fbi/cia decide to end the productive life of an activist, or other  suspected  “enemy” , he may be incarcerated in a mental hospital by using fraudulent civil process as I have briefly summarized ;

or he may become the subject of a phony criminal case wherein the imprisonment of the Target satisfies the intel service’s need.

Today the fbi/cia  also review the medical records of male Targets and conduct other  in- depth investigations in efforts to profile the Target in a predetermined manner that ostensibly seeks to  justifiy  castration. However, in order to achieve the desired end, the intel services also create a file on the Target wherein women swear in false affidavits and file  derogatory  statements  against the Target, rendering the Target  vulnerable to corrective action. In some instances the fbi and the cia actually poison or otherwise infect the Target as suggested in some of the links below in order to disable, injure or kill the Target.

Generally, the public is not aware of the dirty tricks used by the intel services against Targets, including  adverse actions & procedures against uninfected men and   others who pose absolutely no threat to anyone.  The central goal of the intel services (the fbi/cia) is to protect state secrets (including their crimes against humanity)

and to further  political objectives (such as silencing whistleblowers).
Thus, men must become more vigilant regarding the crimes planned and committed against them by the fbi/cia agents and their operatives, including members of the public at large who are often co-opted into assisting the assassins  in the poisoning and killing  of selected Targets (sometimes by obscure methods).
Miami Indymedia is under the control of the fbi/cia and other terrorists and now announces that this reporter may not post any article or report on the Miami Indymedia forum. Here are the messages to me when I attempt to post the reports on intelligence services castration program (see my report on this subject at
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