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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."

The report, COINTELPRO REVISITED, posted on this site, is dated January, 2006. This is one of the most comprehensive reports I have written for two reasons:

1) It serves to document some of my personal experiences in being a longtime target of persecution by the U.S. government.

2) It gives an overview of the methodology of COINTELPRO, from the perspective of a former CIA operative (myself) who was targeted after becoming a defector from CIA and whistleblower on CIA crimes and corruption.

Recently, I posted a classic report by Julianne McKinney, titled Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation. In that report, Julianne covers many of the more technical aspects of harassment campaigns, especially the so-called 'non-lethal' weaponry deployed against targets.

[Note, here is the link for the original report, as it has been removed from this site due to formatting problems.]

I am not a scientist. Technology is not my area of expertise. I learned about this technology through my own research (beginning in 1987) only because it had been deployed against me and others in my family for many years.

The assaults with this weaponry did not start after I broke out of CIA black ops (1994) but long before. There is also the psychotronic weaponry (I refuse to call it anything else) used to assault victims of mind control programming. 

All forms of 'programming' geared toward mind control are assaults on the spiritual integrity of the individual, the inviolability of personhood.

I have found a tremendous amount of misinformation about my case published on the Internet. It seems some people (especially amateurs) read a few of my reports, jump to some conclusions, make some unwarranted assumptions and start writing about people (including myself) when they don't have the facts.

They also seem to assume that in all cases, people targeted have the same experiences. This is simply not true. There is a wide range of tactics used, targeting different individuals for various forms of assaults, harassment or spying, or attempts to remotely 'influence' an individual.

So, unless I have publicly stated that I had a specific type of experience, it is wrongful for anyone to extrapolate, to form an interpretation, or to assign a meaning to that experience which comes only from the subjective perception of that particular individual.

People who make assumptions, or attempt to generalize, especially about a subject so complex, and then publicize what are only their personal opinions, are doing a tremendous disservice to the person(s) whose experiences they are discussing, as well as to the general public. Even if they 'mean well', in the end, it serves only to muddy the waters. Most people simply don't know what they're talking about when they discuss this subject.

Julianne McKinney DOES know what she's talking about and I urge anyone interested in learning the facts and the unbiased truth about the electronic harassment aspects of Psy War to read this report. I've never come across another which can match its excellence.

Julianne came out of military intelligence, and like myself, she was targeted. When she began to expose what she knew from her personal and professional experience, as well as her own extensive research and case investigations, the persecution escalated.

I spoke to Julianne about my own case, in a lengthy telephone conversation in 1997. After hearing my story, her analysis of my case went something like this: You will never have a life. You will never have anyone you can rely on. They (CIA) won't ever 'let' you have a husband of your own choosing. (She knew there were previous 'arranged' marriages.) They will stay on your case until the day you die, and you will be up against them alone.

How dismal an outlook could there be? At the time, I was horrified by Julianne's predictions. I told her then that although her comments accurately described my life thus far, I could not give up hope and resign myself to this fate. Who could maintain the will to live, believing it would ALWAYS be like this?

It has now been ten (10) years since that conversation, and unfortunately, Julianne's prediction has turned out to be chillingly accurate. So far, anyway...

And yes, I am still up against these bastards entirely alone. Still, I have no reliable concrete support whatsoever. No one I can rely on for anything. Over the years, there have been many offers, many promises, many pledges of commitment to solid "support", but nobody has ever followed through.

Usually, the "help" offered turned out to be conditional, in one way or another. Mostly, people who mistakenly believed that giving material support "bought" them the right to meddle in my personal and/or professional business. They may as well go to work for the government, with this misguided notion and this utter disrespect for the personal boundaries and privacy of others.

I have reached the point where I no longer want to talk to anyone about all this, whether they understand it (few do) or not. Talking about it simply doesn't help. There is no point and it only exhausts what little strength I have left.

The one thing I need the most --concrete material assistance-- has been denied to me. There are no prospects of such either, not that I can see. I have reached the end of what I can possibly endure, at least as regards the material deprivation under which I have been forced to live. And I can't hang on much longer.

So I continue to document my experiences for the public record, and as always, the readers may make of my reports what they will. If they serve no other purpose, perhaps at least a few discerning souls will be warned; perhaps a few will be willing to take action and stand up for their God-given rights, for the sake of their children and grandchildren.

Julianne McKinney also told me something else: She said I should be "flattered" at the magnitude of the persecution directed against me, in reference to the deployment of military hardware; the high level agents planted on me; the level of overt and covert surveillance, etc. etc.

Flattered? What a strange way of looking at it...I have never felt "flattered" by these bastards. On the contrary, I have felt only righteous outrage! I despise them and all that they stand for. Forced to live for so many years with the extreme hardship, the desperate poverty, the worsening chronic illness and disability, with no access to even basic medical care, with the isolation, with all the destruction these bastards have wrought in my life, I can only pray to see them and their evil expunged from the face of the earth.

Barbara Hartwell
April 10, 2007


After many years of fighting these government rat bastards and their minions, I have come to believe they may only be stopped from their works of iniquity by an organized effort to UNITE freedom-loving American patriots. True patriots, that is.

Those who will fight to the death to protect and defend their God-given (natural) unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

We don't need the grandstanders, mountebanks, charlatans and snake-oil salesmen, many of whom have established themselves as "alternative media" mouthpieces.

We don't need aggressive public interrogations or ultimatums from officious self-appointed watchdogs who demand that all activism for Liberty be done THEIR WAY.

We don't need the bigots and hate-mongers whose message is one of chaos and violence, designed to divide-and-conquer.

We don't need those who make gratuitous personal attacks on other sincere patriots, out of spite-based envy or to gratify their own flagging egos.

The COINTELPRO exploits just such people, some of whom may not even know they are being used for an agenda they are too blind to see.

What we DO NEED is solidarity among those no-nonsense, honest, straight-arrow, kick-ass patriots who will refuse to allow the government rat bastards to steal our freedom, our children's and grandchildren's freedom, no matter the consequences to ourselves.

Liberty is everything. Without it, life means nothing.

Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.

Barbara Hartwell
January 31, 2006