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Monday, December 28, 2020

Support Friends Of Liberty United & Sound the Alarm Brigade









NOTE: This message is from my friend, fellow patriot and brother in Christ, Larry Richardson. I joined Friends of Liberty United and Sound the Alarm Brigade (S.T.A.B.) earlier this year.

Please share this message with family, friends and colleagues and consider supporting our work.

Thank you, and wishing you and yours a blessed New Year, with Liberty & Justice for all.

Barbara Hartwell

December 28, 2020

28 December, 2020

Fellow Patriot,

The end of 2020 finds our nation in distress! We now have what seems to be a nation willing to not only accept the results of an obviously flawed election but to reward those who created the flaws with power.

I will get into the future actions of S.T.A.B. in a couple of minutes. First let me say that as a personal action I am flying my flag in front of my house, and in my office, in the upside down ‘distress’ mode. I will not put it right side up until I am convinced that fair elections have been restored AND until those responsible for creating the fraud and the media frenzy to accept that fraud are held accountable for their actions. I encourage each of you to do as I am. It will serve as encouragement to ourselves and others as we see upside down flags at home all across the land.

As it has been stated for several months now, S.T.A.B. is setting the example of cooperating with other organizations as the first step in presenting a unified effort to make corrections in our country. I now consider S.T.A.B. to be a part of the overall plan of Friends of Liberty United. While you will not have to join FOLU in order to take part in upcoming S.T.A.B. activities etc. it would be great if you would join FOLU. Many of you have other areas of interest beyond the Sharia issue, and being plugged into FOLU will help maximize any efforts you may make in those other areas. To join go to:

As a part of demonstrating our (S.T.A.B.) commitment to unity we helped provide some of the original costs of getting FOLU up and running. While it is certainly the intention of FOLU to repay those funds, S.T.A.B. has not made any issue of the matter. As such the balance in the S.T.A.B. account is nearing critical. We have most expenses already paid for the next 4 months, and we have two donors who help cover the two monthly expenses that we do not pay on a semi-annual basis. That being said I want to let you know that the company we were using to process our donors contributions into our bank account pulled the plug on servicing S.T.A.B. It seems they went to our website and find it offensive, so they just up and stopped processing our transactions. We now have another company (Cornerstone) who is in full support of our goals. I do not know that those current monthly donor’s transactions will be automatically switched to the new company or not, time will tell. Also, since just about one third of you indicated at the time you signed up with S.T.A.B. that you would be willing to make a donation now and then…let me say now is a good time to be then.

The political mess we see surrounding an obvious fraudulent election will indubitably monopolize our attention for most of January 2021, however we cannot keep letting pressing issues sidetrack us from our mission to limit, stop and reverse the incursion of Sharia into our culture. I will need the help of each of you as 2021 progresses to develop strategies and plans to get this accomplished.

Thanks for being here,

Larry Richardson

Founder S.T.A.B.


Is a national group founded by Larry Richardson for the purpose of doing what we can to have our towns/cities/counties etc. enact laws and regulations that would prevent any foreign entitites from infiltrating our society with activities and actions that are contrary to our Constitution. In particular the current threat is coming from Islamic radicals and their Sharia Law elements they are injecting into our communities etc.