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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Monday, August 26, 2019


NOTE: This notice has been posted on my site since 2015. I now find it necessary to post it again, because I continue to receive letters and requests for professional consultations/investigations by post, along with personal testimony of these individuals.

What I do not understand is why this is happening. I have repeatedly posted notices on this site, making it crystal clear that I do not offer private consultations. And yet, the requests continue. I would have thought that any readers of this site, who have taken the time and effort to write to me, would have also taken the time to read the CLEARLY STATED NOTICES.

Some have written to me repeatedly, complaining that I have not responded. The reason is simple, as stated in my notices, over a period of years:


This is not to say that I do not welcome or appreciate communications from the readers of my site. I do, and I have a postal address on my site for that reason. When I receive gifts (including donations) by post, along with notes/cards from those who find my work to be of value, I usually respond with a thank you note, assuming a return address is provided.

I hope this makes my position clear.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
August 26, 2019


I post this NOTICE, dated January 1, 2015, for the purpose of stating the following facts for the public record.

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA is an independent website, published and edited solely by Barbara Hartwell.

The content of Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA is determined at the sole discretion of Barbara Hartwell.

All content published on Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA is for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Caveat lector. The readers may make of it what they will.

Barbara Hartwell is not an attorney and Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA does not offer legal advice. No material posted on this site is to be construed as legal advice.

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA is not a “news” site, but rather an archive documenting the work of Barbara Hartwell.

The work of other authors published on Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA is posted for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY, either by the consent of the author, or by “fair use”. This includes excerpts, or articles in their entirety, and all external links to other websites.

Barbara Hartwell does not necessarily endorse the content of any material published on this site, written by other authors, or via electronic media, nor the opinions expressed therein.

Any and all material written and published by Barbara Hartwell is not to be construed as advice, but rather only as the considered personal/professional opinion of Barbara Hartwell.

Barbara Hartwell is not a partner of any person or entity in any professional capacity.

Barbara Hartwell is not an employee of any person or entity, nor receives financial compensation from same.

Barbara Hartwell does not offer professional services or consultations (pro bono or for compensation) to the general public. This includes offering advice, or discussions relating to legal (or other) issues of a personal or professional nature.

Barbara Hartwell does not run any organization, nor is a member of any organization which offers professional services to the general public.

The readers are asked to please NOT contact Barbara Hartwell for the purpose of requesting such advice, discussions or consultations.

Barbara Hartwell does not solicit comments, opinions, or advice from the readers of this site, nor from the general public.

Barbara Hartwell is not engaged in any form of commerce and has nothing to sell from this website.

No person or entity is authorized to solicit donations for Barbara Hartwell, unless by explicit permission, or to act as a conduit/intermediary in collecting such donations. Any and all such solicitations are to be considered fraudulent.

Donations are accepted, and greatly appreciated, with the proviso that they are given free and clear, no questions asked, no strings attached, as Christian charity or love gifts, to be used at the sole discretion of Barbara Hartwell, to support this website and related professional endeavors. Donations are NOT tax-deductible.

Barbara Hartwell does not use intermediaries for any purpose. No person or entity is authorized to speak for or about the personal or professional business of Barbara Hartwell.

The readers are asked to DISREGARD any comments, communications, publicly or privately stated, which claim to be speaking on behalf of, or by proxy, relating to Barbara Hartwell. Any and all such communications are to be construed as unauthorized, fraudulent and as misrepresentations (or 'false light') of Barbara Hartwell, and of this website.

Barbara Hartwell does not have a public e-mail address or telephone number for use by readers of this site, or the general public.

Any and all “known associates” (including those editors/publishers of websites, radio/TV hosts, etc. who publish the work of Barbara Hartwell)  do NOT function as intermediaries, or conduits, for the purpose of passing messages by e-mail, telephone or post.

No communications sent to third parties, which are intended for Barbara Hartwell, are to be assumed to have been received or read by Barbara Hartwell. Barbara Hartwell does not respond to third party communications.

All communications, as well as donations, intended for Barbara Hartwell should be sent to:

Barbara Hartwell
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
January 1, 2015