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Friday, July 6, 2018


When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

Proverbs 29:2

by Geral Sosbee

A Complex Obstacle Facing Humanity

The "PURGE" is begun already globally and most people are not aware. Here are some parallels with the popular big screen version of the future of society as directed by the intelligence community (intel) which is led by homicidal psychopaths and serial killers in fbi, cia, mi6, surete, ss, et al.:

Some of my studies on related topics:

Government secretly approves of forcing some individuals into suicide, railroading millions into prison and mental wards, and requiring hundreds of thousands to live under constant threat from police and neighbors.

The following groups are at present being slowly exterminated: homeless, accused, certain types of convicted, weak, sick, unemployed, marginalized, undesirables, mentally challenged and emotionally injured, political activists & idealists, and other categories specified by Intel and DOD.

Often in our society 'do gooders' and fbi/police operatives and informants spread false stories against an innocent person who is then hounded and killed by toxic fumes pumped into the residence, by tainted water, by poisonings which induce death by 'natural causes", by attacks with DEW/ELF which are invisible and cause many 'natural' deaths and suicides. In all such instances the unconscionable crimes committed by the fbi and their followers are by far more heinous than any imagined or accused error by the Target. Mob Rules.

The fbi and company also send professional serial killers and psychopaths to provoke a Target into violent response. The result is the death or imprisonment of that Target.

All political Targets are implanted with a tracking device so that government assassins may easily attack him/her everywhere on earth. This beleaguered individual is forced to live under constant surveillance and harassment, until life itself loses its natural glow/appeal.

The victory for the government is completed when news media hide such atrocities from the public. The wealthy class cheers all social engineering because the burden and suffering mainly includes the underclass which includes veterans who defended USA on the battlefield and who returned home injured from the service.

The "Purge" is in full operation here in USA, is expanding globally, and is so horrific in its application that few believe the gruesome reality that unfolds right under their nose.

I see no solution to the dilemma facing mankind because the masses follow their evil leaders and accept their insane directives.

Peace be with us all and may Providence guide us out of the horrors put upon us by criminally insane fbi, cia and federal magistrate judges across the country.