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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Barbara Hartwell Interview with Ramola D (PART 4): Punitive/Political Psychiatry

The government-issue hackers must have enjoyed themselves immensely during the recording of this podcast, in which they engaged in every form of interference their twisted minds could dream up.

The symptoms of “mental illness”, according to these miscreants, include exercising our God-given unalienable rights, as protected under the Constitution, and furnishing testimony and evidence in reporting on massive government corruption and criminality.

Were we “sane”, in keeping with their Neo-Bolshevik manifesto, we would unquestioningly and slavishly embrace the social engineering, the moral relativism, the collectivist group think which subsumes the rights and liberties of the individual; which allows snoops, snitches, micromanaging busybodies and petty tyrants to determine and rule over every aspect of our lives.

Were our sanity intact, we would never stand up in our own defense, or in defense of others, in the face of naked aggression, diabolical calumny, outrageous assaults on our liberty. We would accept the flagrant censorship and accede to the idiotic demands for political correctness which would silence our righteous protests against political persecution.

We would never, at any time, speak the truth or name the names of our assailants, our mortal enemies, those who stalk, harass, defame our good names, who lie, steal and cheat, who threaten and attempt to intimidate us; those devils who, with the flick of a switch, torture us with anti-personnel weaponry, who violently invade our bodies and minds with their hideous electro-magnetic pollution.

Sanity, in the minds of these psychopaths, would require that we roll out the red carpet for evildoers, and turn a blind eye while they destroy our lives, piece by piece, day by day, week by week, year by year, until they have utterly vanquished and enslaved us all.

THAT is true insanity.


Barbara Hartwell
May 27, 2018

Report #68: Part 4, Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower & Ramola D on Punitive Psychiatry

Punitive and Political Psychiatry; Extreme FBI/CIA/NSA Abuse of Whistleblowers and Journalists

Probing and thoughtful conversation with Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower and journalist, on the vitally important subject of Punitive or Political Psychiatry, the Retaliation of Choice for criminal miscreants holding undeserved positions of authority in Intelligence agencies, the military, and general civil society, and on the much overlooked subject of extreme and egregious FBI/CIA/NSA abuse of whistleblowers, an abuse extended today also to journalists, truth-tellers, and community activists.

Examining a report first from Ed Schooling, a military and LAPD whistleblower who discusses the current state of affairs in America where people of different kinds are being hit with Punitive (which is False) Psychiatry, we go on to to speak about various cases where whistleblowers and people of prominence have been attacked in this form, primarily to dismiss or discredit their reports of corruption or abuse, but also to suppress and silence public awareness of the forms of retaliation in use today, which include the illegitimate use of anti-personnel electromagnetic technologies such as microwave pulse weapons on their bodies.

In this 2002 article, Ed Schooling writes: “...the world seems to be going in reverse. People in the Eastern Bloc now have all of the freedoms they want, while rights are being stripped from Americans and people of other western nations.”

Geral Sosbee, for instance, an FBI whistleblower of note, whose case Barbara Hartwell has covered in detail in her article Targeted for Terror, was threatened with psychiatric incarceration if he did not resign from the FBI.

Karen Melton-Stewart was required to undergo psychiatric evaluations after she lodged an internal complaint of abuse and discrimination with the NSA Inspector-General. We spoke also about how Karen Stewart was unlawfully and wrongfully Baker-Acted after educating her Leon County Sheriff's department on EMF technologies, and what occurred in my case in Quincy, Massachusetts when mention of EMF technologies—both from personal awareness and investigative journalism--caused Quincy Public Schools officials to attack my public profile and family by calling Child Protection Services and “reporting”—as if they were experts on this subject--that I had an “untreated mental illness” which caused them such great concern about my caregiving they had to try to destroy my family just so they could sleep at night.

These stories can be found on my website The Everyday Concerned Citizen. We also spoke about Dr. Millicent Black's case where she proffered evidence of a non-consensual implant--documented as a foreign object or artifact located by her doctors on a Nuclear MRI in the area of her heart wall—in conjunction with stalking by an ex-USAF ex-boyfriend to her local police, who promptly contacted her children to coerce their co-operation and had her force-committed to a Psychiatric Ward where a resident on duty lied that she was suicidal—a story he fabricated—and where she was held unlawfully in this way, via treachery and deceit, for eight days before a judge released her.

Barbara also talks at length about the case of Michael Ruppert, an LAPD officer and whistleblower who spoke out about attempts to recruit him for CIA purposes to assist in drug-trafficking, and about another military intelligence analyst and Special Forces member Reds Helmey who was involved in a failed CIA plot to assassinate Fidel Castro and who related to her that he had been used via mind control operations.

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