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Thursday, April 26, 2018

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart: Letter of Endorsement for Investigative Journalist Ramola Dharmaraj

Reproduced with permission from Ramola Dharmaraj.

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

April 16, 2018

To whom it may concern:

I am a retired Intelligence Analyst for the National Security Agency, at Ft. Meade, MD. I spent a decade or so working in the Weapons & Space Directorate. I have reported on exotic weapons being produced and used by foreign powers but I am familiar with American counterparts that we produce and use. I am also somewhat familiar with clandestine operations.

In order to be considered for employment, I had to pass a rigorous battery of tests, to include psychological fitness, as well as a background check. I do not drink, I have never indulged in drugs, and I do not even smoke. NSA had no qualms hiring me. Thereafter, I also easily passed their routine background re-investigation and psychological re-evaluation tests given every 5 years or so. I also have had re-evaluations from independent psychologists affirming my strong mental and emotional health. You would be hard-pressed to find someone more psychologically vetted.

Having said that, I will tell you that I have been working closely with Ramola Dharmaraj for almost two years and am quite impressed with her multifaceted talent, integrity, superior intellect, brilliant writing capability and exceptional research
ability. What she is telling you about highly advanced, covert technology being used on “inconvenient” people, people of integrity (whistle-blowers), truth-tellers (certain journalists), activists, potential leaders in a community, independent and aware thinkers, patriots, and Constitutionalists, as a means to intimidate, isolate, torture, murder and “make examples of” them to the general population, is 100% true. The Shadow Government has now “overshadowed” the elected government to the point that it wants people to understand that their rights are a mere pretense which they had better not try to exercise anymore or they will be destroyed.

The high-tech, covert technology to which Mrs. Dharmaraj refers, has been used secretly for decades against our enemies when overt actions were simply too risky. And these technologies have been used by our adversaries on us as well. Two examples are, the Soviet Union’s use of microwave technology to bombard the US Embassy in Moscow to sicken and kill the personnel there in the 1980’s and the recent incident in Cuba (summer 2017) where more embassy personnel were assaulted and injured by similar covert technology, this time apparent sonic/sound-based weaponry, though it could also have been microwave which has a tell-tale, high pitched whine. This is nothing new to the Intelligence Community or certain parts of our military. The Navy even has its Naval Security Group which is nicknamed the “Silent Warriors” because they develop and use what is called Directed Energy Weapons, the big brother to “non-lethal” weapons being given to Law Enforcement (which are potentially lethal). Their headquarters is co-located at Ft. Meade along with NSA.

These weapons can be so big and powerful that they can be set up on battleships to use against personnel on enemy battleships miles away, to kill them
before they even hit the deck and through solid steel.
They can also be anti-personnel devices so small that they can be put in cars, backpacks, large purses, or hand-held for assaults on individuals, (though the perpetrators and non-targets in the vicinity will
eventually suffer health problems as well). I am afraid the technology is such that once familiar with the principles of these weapons, any mechanically and technologically talented person could reproduce many of the smaller devices in his garage or basement and sell them to the criminally inclined for the perfect, undetectable weapon, making a good under-the-table income for himself and loosing a nightmare on the population in his area.

Similarly, these types of weapons are also being provided to the Fusion Centers spread across the nation to be used “to defend the Motherland”.
Like with any toy, immature people will want to “play with” the toys. Thus, many, many innocent Americans are being falsely reported to these FBI-
affiliated Fusion Centers as “terrorists” or merely “suspicious,” with little to no vetting, and no consideration for their Constitutional Rights in this 17-year long contrived “state of emergency” declared after 9/11. (I was at NSA during 9/11, it was indeed an inside job to usher in a Police State as we are watching take over now). These ill-conceived Terrorist Watch List hysterics provide live targets for the toys.

Fusion Centers pay locals who call themselves “Infragard” or other such quasi-patriotic names, to actually slander, harass, harm, and even murder people loaded onto the secret and fraudulent Terrorist Watch List to bloat the numbers, provide the basis for tax dollars to fund this ever-growing operation, and give locals “something to do” to
divert their attention from the real enemies within the government subverting it, and a way to earn under-the-table tax money to betray their country and fellow countrymen deemed scapegoats and who are also serving as cash cows for unsophisticated locals, eager to trample someone else’s rights for profit and a false sense of worth.

It truly is a genius plan to create a caste of unthinking, mercenary traitors and thugs to destroy-
on-command anyone who notices, reports, decries, or resists creeping totalitarianism based on false fear-mongering among the somnambulant masses and a never-ending source of fake enemies among the populace... superior people, deemed a threat to those who would destroy the USA as the masses were focused on nonsense. Thus potential people of influence are quickly identified, falsely vilified and discredited, and serious efforts to destroy their lives are made to curtail their audience and influence. This ploy hearkens back in the annals of history, but one recent example is from Communism in the Eastern Block countries of Europe, the secret police employed operational techniques called “Zersetzung” (deconstruction of a person’s life) to destroy people who spoke out for freedom. They destroyed their best minds and their bravest hearts to the detriment of their population and country... as we too are now doing to create a malleable, population of sheep who were tricked into trading freedom for security by the very people who are really behind the false flag attacks on us by so-called terrorist bogeymen.

There is indeed a Secret Government of unelected bureaucrats who have no intention of allowing the populace a voice in their own future, and the fa├žade of a Democracy is fading fast with the advent of America’s version of Brown Shirts run by DHS through the FBI, which clearly has a long history of trampling our rights (COINTELPRO) for political gain. These revamped Brown Shirts, are being used like the originals were used by the German Nazi regime, to destroy people who resisted or even questioned the Nazi take down of Germany as a Democracy. American Brown Shirts are called Infragard, C.O.P.S., and other fascistic names that go far beyond community policing. They are the proxy dupes whose numbers and vapid obedience allow the criminals within government who are subverting our country and Constitution, to use plausible deniability in this regard, but make no mistake, the civilian thugs are getting under-the-table TAX DOLLARS to harm, intimidate, and murder people of conscience who are trying to sound the alarm like modern day Paul Reveres.(Surely you are familiar with that name?)

This is not an overt take-over, though people who are paying attention have seen this coming a long time. But it is a well-planned, well-funded, take-down to advance the globalist agenda of a one-world, Socialist government that reserves all “rights” for the elites and none for the rest of us. The Communists who took over Russia for their benefit and the utter detriment of the Russian population, accomplished it through propaganda that fooled the Russians into believing lies and subverting their own futures, and that of generations to come. The Russian Communists, the Bolsheviks, referred to these people as “Useful Idiots”. Well, this also applies to the unthinking zealots attracted to Community Policing in your area, who are participating in the harassment and assaults on innocent people. All because the local Fusion Center has unilaterally declared certain people as scapegoats to train an unthinking army of minions to attack by slander, shunning, hate-and fear-mongering upon command, sans any critical thinking or common sense, much less any sense of justice or Constitutionality.

I assure you, Ramola is an island of intellect and
discernment in a sea of somnambulant citizens at best and utter fools at worst, who perhaps are deserving of the fate which awaits them in the end, if they do not heed the voices crying from the wilderness rather than attack them. Look in your own mirrors for the root of this problem of society’s devolution and coming chaos. When the vapid and rigid hold power and extinguish the light among the populace, then man returns to the trees. Do you care nothing for your children’s futures? Your grandchildren’s? Are you the generation that puts America and our founding principles in the grave because you truly could not tell the difference between fascism and the principles upon which we were founded? How sad, how pathetically sad. Rather than attacking your sages, you should be demanding the complete ban on such covert weaponry since humankind does not have the morality, common sense, or integrity to responsibly use such power. And probably never will.

K. M. Stewart
National Security Agency
Intelligence Analyst,
ret. 28 yrs