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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee For the Defense: The Offenses of Howard & Maureen Nemaizer

Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee is my best friend, and has been for the past 17 years. He is also a professional colleague, with whom I have been working to expose government corruption, including the political persecution for which we have been targeted, each of us separately (and later as colleagues and defenders of one another against our many mutual enemies, government agents/officials and their stooges, minions, quislings).

Geral and I, as government whistleblowers, have both been driven to bankruptcy/financial destitution, which resulted in both our cases, at one point, in homelessness.

The assaults against us (including directed energy weaponry, chemical/biological/viral weapons, and arranged 'accidents') have resulted in severe chronic illnesses/disabilities.

We have been targeted for massive defamation campaigns, including character assassination, libel, slander, promotion of false information; as well as misrepresentation and exploitation of our names by unscrupulous opportunists who tried to latch on to us in attempts to gain public attention for themselves, at our expense.

Geral Sosbee has always defended me against my enemies, not just as a loyal friend (the most loyal I have ever known), but based on his knowledge and personal/professional experience, based on facts, evidence, reason, logic and principle.

Geral defends me because he knows me, because we share the same dedication to defending Liberty and the God-given unalienable rights of the Individual, against all enemies who would attempt to violate those rights.

Here is Geral's letter in my defense, against two of those enemies, Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, who have done tremendous damage to my good name, among many other offenses.

The Nemaizers have continued to defame Barbara Hartwell, as well as dragging in the names of my family in their public libelous falsehoods, even harassing them.

I respect the privacy and personal boundaries of everyone in my family, just as I do for anyone else, as a matter of principle.

For the record, the fact is, no one in my family is involved in any aspect of my professional work, nor in what I publish on this website.

Nor was any member of my family involved in the events of 2013, when I was driven to homelessness by the government's campaign against me.

Howard and Maureen Nemiaizer are malicious liars and morally bankrupt aggressors, who continue to engage in diabolical calumny against Barbara Hartwell.

Anyone who promotes them, supports them or employs them will be held accountable in any and all cases in which further damages are done to me or members of my family.

In 2013, after losing my home in Maine, I was stranded for 29 miserable days (November 22-December 21) in a horrible environment, the filthy, cold, dark basement of the Nemaizer residence, permeated by toxic mold, which caused illness for me, and for my beloved cat, Kyra, who later died of respiratory illness.

Howard Nemaizer lied to me, made many false promises, and misrepresentations, which resulted in losses and damages, from which I can never recover.

Maureen Nemaizer issued a directive that I, a disabled senior citizen, utterly destitute and under persecution, with an elderly cat to care for, must be thrown into the street on December 21, 2013, in the knowledge that we had nowhere to go.

By the grace of God, I survived the ordeal, but just barely. To this day, I have not recovered from the damages and losses, many of which were caused by the dishonest, callous and negligent actions of Howard and Maureen Nemaizer.

See reports on this website, exposing the Nemaizers, for the full story.

Thank you, Geral, from the bottom of my heart. You are my hero, a knight in shining armor.


In 2013 you were facing a personal crisis in your life and you received an offer of sanctuary in the home of a person who knew of your dire circumstances and who offered to help.

As I study the reports that you made and some of the reactions of those who pretended to help you, I am incensed beyond description by the the way you were treated in the temporary residence and thereafter.

Everyone knows that when a person needs help in this life, the first duty of the 'relief provider' is to do no further harm to the victim of painful circumstances, to not put the disadvantaged party (you) in a worse position (physically or emotionally) than the one that necessitated the assistance in the first place. If one seeks truly to help, then no excuse can cover up, nor justify such wicked actions directed against the suffering party.

I understand that you were grossly insulted and mistreated there and that afterwards you were further harassed by those who intentionally seek to hurt you again.

Please understand that from my perspective all that has transpired from the time of your stay in the so-called 'sanctuary' and continuing today reflects great discredit on the individuals who slander and malign you. The more these people obsess with or delight in bringing harm to you, the more evidence we see of their savagery. Such personalities, however, are often not capable of recognizing their own hideous perversions.

Today I saw the trash entered by Howard Nemaizer aka Nema.

I am heartbroken to know that you suffered in that hell hole by those who now reveal their true intentions toward you.

I am also empathetic for the circumstances of your life, especially in their company, because I too have encountered similar (but not so impossible) living conditions as the fbi pushed me into the street to live. 
God Blesses you Barbara and we, all who know you, LOVE YOU.

Thank God you survived the ordeal and that you can relay the sordid, nightmarish scene to me and others. The dirty, insensitive statements by the evildoers could destroy a person of lesser strength.