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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Compelling & Inspirational Message from Paul Baird to Former FBI Agent/Whistleblower Geral Sosbee

NOTE: With Geral's permission, I have posted this letter from Paul Baird.

As government whistleblowers, Geral Sosbee and I have endured decades of harassment, persecution, psy war and terror tactics by agencies of the U.S. Government, most notably FBI and CIA.

In the world of counterintelligence operations this is called a “neutralization campaign”.

Most of the tactics deployed against us are covert in nature, meaning that the perpetrators act under plausible deniability, and often under the 'color of law'. It is extremely difficult to address our grievances through the legal system. The judicial system is in thrall to the intelligence community, to the extent that the judges are venal, corrupt and in most cases simply disregard the Constitution, as well as the unalienable rights of the people.

We have learned, through many years of direct personal experience, that this criminal network is highly organized, widespread and has infiltrated every level of society.

In the case of the FBI's COINTELPRO (since 1956, under J. Edgar Hoover), the corrupt government agents use hirelings with no credentials and no official authority under the law, to do their dirty work of harassing/threatening Targets, and for conducting the libel/slander campaigns which destroy the Target's personal/professional reputation, and cause that person to be an outcast, a pariah, mocked and scorned by society at large.

In the cases of Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell, we have experienced the worst of the tactics that drive a Target to financial destitution and/or bankruptcy and homelessness.

We have, at various times, been unable to rent a place to live, unable to conduct necessary business, because of the massive libel/slander campaigns against us. We have been denied competent medical and dental care, have been victimized by medical malpractice, or have been treated with great disrespect by professional practitioners in various fields.

We have repeatedly had our integrity insulted and our sanity impugned, simply for our truthful reports exposing these campaigns against us and exposing the corrupt system that has spawned these egregious injustices.

We have been abandoned and/or betrayed by some of those closest to us, from whom we should have been able to count on a reasonable expectation of loyalty and support.

All of this notwithstanding, I am always heartened when I see that someone (a rare person of honesty and integrity) does comprehend what is happening to those of us so targeted, and the reasons why.

Such is the case of Mr. Paul Baird. I greatly appreciate his work, I wish him all success in his humanitarian endeavors, and pray for him all of God's protection, guidance and blessings.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 29, 2015

Hi Geral,

I can certainly understand why you would feel that nothing will be achieved in your lifetime...Whistleblower protection is non existent, the politicians, mass media personnel, agency, military, law enforcement, legal, medical professions and others are either saturated with corrupt personnel or controlled by bogus "National Security" flagging. Those working around the more corrupt are given "non official cover", fed rumours, blackmailed over their careers, manipulated by their greed, ego etc. It's a sorry state of affairs. People who could make a difference end up marginalised or treated like your good self. Personally, I believe that a direct challenge to the nature of "National Security" itself is the key. Exec order 13526 expressly forbids using classification to cover crime, but then Murder is illegal too and yet they both happen every day. It's just words on paper. However....having said all that...

It is my belief that they cannot hide these crimes forever and they know it...hence the use of all manner of subtle adjustments to the psyche of the general public...Reality TV, CCTV, The Snowden revelations, social media, selfies, security searches at airports etc etc…

It's all preparing people for accepting a total lack of privacy, even to encourage voyeurism and exhibitionist behaviour with some. Terrorism, false flag operations, digital false flagging, the allowance of pedophilia and other crime also works to encourage people to fear others and surrender their hard won rights to the's all evidence that they know the penny will one day drop. EG. The covers used through the psych' profession (paranoia, schizo', delusional stuff) could evaporate overnight if there was any real voice given to the millions targeted worldwide. Also a small group of insiders could always turn on them, hence the monitoring 24/7 of public figures, usually without harassment.
Nothing beats word of mouth and the number of people aware of all of this is growing all the time. The number that care...well, given the dumbing down and egocentric emphases thrown our way by the MSM, finding people that care is going to be far more difficult. We also need representatives that are honest enough to want the truth, intelligent enough to recognise it and brave enough to act on it.

Currently, the agency sifting removes all such people from positions of power and sees them targeted and mocked by those they position in authority or bestow with celebrity.

Like yourself, I've been at this for decades and there are times when it seems hopeless. It predates us and may continue after we're dead but our efforts will help those that eventually resolve this. Like many struggles throughout history, it takes the lifetimes of endeavor that people like you offer to make progress.

Apparently lost causes are often the most important and hardest fought. Look at the histories of enslaved and oppressed peoples...we're no different. Today's celebrities are no less hypocritical, today's leaders no less treacherous. It''s up to ordinary, decent people to make the difference. With God's help I believe this will be resolved one day.


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