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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

NOTICE: Contact Info for the General Public

On July 4, 2014 my computer crashed, suddenly and unexpectedly, just as I was about to post a report for Independence Day. Because of the timing, I had to consider the probability that the crash was the result of sabotage. Nothing new here; since 1994 (the year I left CIA), no less than ten (10) computers have been destroyed. But whatever the cause, the result was that I was without my computer from July 4 until I recently managed to get another used machine.

As a result of the crash I lost my e-mail contact information and my (latest) e-mail address is now defunct. So, for anyone who sent e-mail to that address on or after July 4, I would NOT have received your messages. (And please remove that address from your files.)

I've decided that I will no longer be using e-mail for communications with friends, but only for documents that cannot be sent by post. I've never liked e-mail, and it hasn't been reliable (at least not for me). I'm tired of having to keep changing the address, because my PRIVATE address gets exposed by careless people, when sending something to a list (unsolicited); when their address gets hacked, or when my address (stored in someone's book) is added by mistake.

Also, private e-mails have at times been forwarded to third parties, without my knowledge or consent, and I've had enough of all that. Snoops from the government can't mine any data (personal or otherwise) –at least not because I've sent it out by e-mail, though I can't stop them from invading my privacy by accessing my computer directly, which, considering the cutting-edge technology they use, has been happening for decades.

For those who wish to contact me, anyone who had my private e-mail address would most likely also have my new unlisted telephone number. Or, you can send me a note by post at the address given at the top of the front page of my site.

Another change I've decided to make: I will no longer be soliciting donations from the public. For years I've had a notice on my website, SUPPORTED BY DONATIONS. But since I no longer actually receive donations (haven't for quite some time), that is a misstatement of fact. For the public record, I am NOT supported by donations, and will make no further effort in this regard.

And lastly, there is another issue I must address. Because for many years, I've had a PRIVATE e-mail address, people continue to try to contact me by sending e-mail to “known associates” of Barbara Hartwell, usually the editors of websites, or hosts of talk shows, who have featured my work, using their public contact info in efforts to reach me.

I don't want my friends and colleagues burdened with this, or used as messengers, whether they mind, or not.

I don't use intermediaries and no one is authorized to speak for me. As I've clearly stated in notices on my website, anyone who wants to contact me, for any reason, may easily do so DIRECTLY by sending a note by post.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 7, 2014

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