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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32

It's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

"There are two enemies of the People: criminals and the government. Let us bind the second with the chains of the Constitution, so that it does not become the legalized version of the first."
--Thomas Jefferson

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.

--Rev. Martin Niemoller, on the reign of terror, Nazi Germany 

"The methods  that the fbi/cia  use against me, you and others defy description because many of our people cannot imagine that the United States of America could stoop so low as to engage in the activities we describe; the populace's failure to understand and to see the truth of our reports    feeds the tyrants' propaganda machine and prolongs the day of reckoning when the warmongers and terrorists among us must account for their crimes and omissions."
--Former FBI Agent/Whistleblower Geral Sosbee, from letter to Barbara Hartwell (2002)

"If they don't do the right thing here, I'll expose these bastards until the cows come home..."

--Bill Windsor, commenting on corruption of courts and judges in Hamilton, Montana (2013)


Here is a hard truth: Anyone who takes an uncompromising stand against government corruption and criminality, who is willing to step forward and expose the liars, thieves, tyrants, crooks, reprobates, the government rat bastards who are destroying this country from within, will be targeted for political persecution.

The Whistleblower, the Expositor, the Messenger of Truth, the Defender of Liberty, the Crusader for Justice, will be slandered, libeled, harassed, threatened, stalked by psychopaths, driven into financial destitution, ostracized, shunned, treated like a pariah, and more often than not, abandoned and betrayed, by those who claim to be "friends", even by their own families.

Such persecution is in fact the price one pays, for refusing to compromise his/her principles, for holding to moral absolutes, for not backing down in the face of evil, for simply telling the truth.

According to the government, they are waging a 'war on drugs', a 'war on poverty', a 'war on terror'.

Countless billions must be spent, countless lives destroyed and lost, decades must pass, for these endless 'wars', and yet, what has ever been gained? Who has ever benefited? Certainly not the purported "beneficiaries", the American people. 

And who is it, who in actuality, is PUSHING the drugs, DRIVING the people into poverty? Who is it, who has in fact been WAGING a war of terror, on its own citizens?

Who will stand up and fight, who will stand on the side of Truth?

From my observations and experience, hardly a soul. Therein lies the seemingly insurmountable obstacle to winning in the War on Truth. But to fight the battle on the side of Truth, one must first be willing to LEARN THE TRUTH, ACKNOWLEDGE THE TRUTH.

Here are just a few TRUE stories told by those who have been targeted for persecution by the government and their minions and underlings. These stories come from the testimony of genuine, sincere and credible individuals, law-abiding people who love this country and all that it was meant to stand for, who have worked hard, who have given blood, sweat and tears in defense of their principles, but who have HAD ENOUGH of the criminals in government.

I ask that the you, the reader, consider what is given here with an open mind and compassionate heart. Then, if you decide that these stories are indeed true, please, for the love of God, do something in defense of that truth.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
September 18, 2013

For most of my adult life, I have used what has come to be known as "alternative" medicine, almost exclusively. I have good reason to distrust medical doctors (M.D.), since they have done far more harm than good for me personally, as well as to others among my family and friends.
During the whole of my childhood, I was sent only to "government" doctors and dentists, due to my having been placed in CIA's MK Ultra program. Being a child, I had no choice. I subsequently developed a phobia of medical doctors, drugs, hospitals, and what are known as standard allopathic medical treatments, so from early adulthood I searched out and learned all I could about the various forms of natural medicine, which heal, but do no harm. Over the course of many years, my research and studies have given me a basic working knowledge of herbal and homeopathic/naturopathic medicine, at least enough to be able to help myself when professional treatment is not available, and it rarely has been, due to lack of resources and support.
I do not use drugs, with the exception of occasional use of aspirin and non-prescription allergy medicines. When possible, I try to get naturopathic medicines and supplements, but since the government has declared their war on all things "natural" (herbs and plants created by God), the prices have skyrocketed, which also applies to organic produce as well as just about anything else that might actually do good, rather than harm.
This war on natural substances (which I view as a war on God's creation) first came to my awareness some time during the early 1970s, while I was a college student. I later went on to fight the 'codex alimentarius', realizing that the goal of the government was to prevent people from having access to the most effective natural medicines, in order to force the populace to be enslaved, physically and mentally, by pharmaceutical drugs, just another form of control and genocide. Their so-called "war on drugs" is just another false operation to mislead people as to their true agenda.
I decided to become a vegetarian in 1969, not primarily for "health" related reasons, but due to my spiritual beliefs and my life-long love of animals. I refuse to participate in the horrific system of factory farming, and I daresay, many people would feel the same if they knew what really goes on, the way God's creatures are confined, brutalized and tortured, ending in a terrible death, at processing plants and slaughterhouses. Add to this the fact that most of the "livestock" (how I hate that word!) are pumped full of drugs, hormones, and are "genetically modified". When a person buys packaged meat in a supermarket, he/she is usually unaware of the suffering and brutality without which their dinner can be produced.
But in any case, I can say with certainty that none of the chronic illnesses or disabilities I suffer have ever, in any way, been related to my being a vegetarian, or the use of natural health care systems. I also know that had I not stood up and fought for my right NOT to be a part of this toxic system of drugs and poisoned food, the chances of my living as long as I have would be miniscule. 
The reason for every ailment I have is simple: a lifetime of abuses and assaults on my person by criminals under the auspices of the U.S. government. I can never overstate this fact, which I have made it a priority to document (as I am doing here) for many years.
However, the unfortunate fact remains that those closest to me, including blood relatives, have become so indoctrinated into the beliefs of the mainstream, standard treatments of drugs and invasive surgery as the "cure" for every ailment, that they routinely dismiss anything I have to say about the disabilities from which I suffer; worse, they refuse to acknowledge the actual reason as being the government's "War on Designated Targets", including those persons like myself who have been exploited over a lifetime for the government's nefarious agenda.   
Here are disability letters from two doctors, one a naturopath and the other a chiropractor. I have not given their names, to protect their privacy.
I decided to publish these letters because at least there will be a public record, rather than just my statements. My friend Geral Sosbee, former FBI agent/whistleblower, also a Target of persecution by the government, whose story bears a striking resemblance to my own, has published certain of his medical records, as well as his testimony of malpractice and fraudulent diagnosis.
Political Targets & Medical Malpractice (2013)
Disability Letter from Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine 
December 9, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Barbara Hartwell has been my patient since August, 2009, and as her primary care doctor, I have seen her for weekly appointments. Due to her financial status of being unemployed with no health insurance, I have set up a monthly payment plan for her to continue her care with me.

It is my understanding that Barbara Hartwell is unable to be employed due to various disabilities.

Due to HIPPA regulations, I can not divulge any information about her health. She will continue her regular medical treatments with me and possibly with other medical practitioners by referral as needed.

In case it is an issue, my patient has made it clear that for various personal reasons (including privacy) she does not wish to seek any form of healthcare assistance from the government.

Disability Letter from Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

To Whom It May Concern:

Barbara Hartwell has been my patient since October 2011. She is receiving care for longterm chronic conditions (including fibromyalgia) as well as spinal subluxations caused by previous severe injuries to the cervical vertebrae.

Her general condition constitutes a disability which limits the scope of her activities, and which is exacerbated by any form of stress, physical or emotional.

She requires ongoing treatment for this painful debilitating condition.


[ Note:These letters do not include descriptions of the most of the various conditions which constitute disability, but are given only for information purposes.] 

It should be noted that I was forced to stop my treatment from these doctors, in each case because I could not afford to continue. In the case of the chiropractor, I had been going 3X a week, from October 2011 until April 2012. 

As for the naturopathic doctor, I had at first been going once a week, until the doctor's office moved to a location in a city, where I was unable to drive myself due to disability. I recently saw this doctor in April, 2013, for an emergency due to an injury, but have not been able to get follow-up treatment, due to lack of resources.

The treatments of both doctors helped tremendously, but my condition has since gotten far worse, as a result of lack of necessary care. Over a period of many years, other doctors whom I have seen, at times when I was able to pay for treatment, have diagnosed the same chronic illnesses, the same disabilities, all of which were known to be "severe", and which prevented me from being "employable" in any way which would require me to operate on any definite schedule, be reliable in carrying out work-related duties, or to meet deadlines.

According to "legal" standards of disability, I should have qualified for "100% disability". Other doctors I have seen over a period of years have known that, based on their diagnoses. And yet, I will get nothing at all, from the very government who is responsible for the disabilities.

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Starving the Target: Isolation, Alienation, Deprivation

Numerous reports are in the archives of this website, outlining political persecution against Barbara Hartwell.

THE WAR ON TRUTH: Target Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee
Targeted for Terror: Ex-FBI Agent's Gruesome Ordeal (2004)

He is now, at age 58, financially destitute, having been forced into bankruptcy in 2003 resulting from the FBI and CIA campaign to destroy him. He was at one time forced to live in his car, moving from place to place; and to borrow from his credit cards to survive as he sought safe haven from his tormentors.
He suffers physical disabilities (associated with a back injury in Viet Nam and a knee injury sustained while in FBI service) both of which have been exacerbated by the chronic illnesses brought on by poisonings and assaults with directed energy ("non-lethal") weaponry.
He has had most of his property stolen or destroyed, including two (2) computers, a car and a motorcyle (which were not protected by bumper-to-bumper warranties). Now being without a vehicle, unable to afford to replace his losses, he is forced to walk or take public transportation.
Being without a computer, he is forced to go to a library or pay for the use of a computer elsewhere in order to continue his work. Work for which he receives no compensation but pursues as a tormented labor of love, still driven by the need to serve his country in the pursuit of Liberty and Justice for All.
The same liberty and justice which have been denied to him by the henchmen of the corrupt system he seeks to expose and to hold accountable for its crimes against its own citizens.
This story of political persecution, violations of privacy and outrageous abuses of human rights, that of ex-FBI agent Geral W. Sosbee, may stretch credibility to the breaking point, but is nonetheless the unvarnished truth. How can I be so sure his story is true? Because the hero of the story is a man I have come to know well, and now consider to be my best friend.
Read entire report here:
Also see Geral Sosbee's websites:

Stop fbi/cia's own terrorists from their efforts to subjugate all of mankind through torture, imprisonment, calumny and murder.
Geral Sosbee Vs. FBI
THE WAR ON TRUTH: Target Dr. Antonella Carpenter
The Medical Conspiracy Radio Show & Co-host Barbara Hartwell
Dr. Carpenter, formerly employed as a physicist in the defense industry, with expertise in laser technology, became a whistleblower when she discovered and reported safety hazards, and was subsequently targeted --for the same reason most whistleblowers are targeted: They refuse to stay silent when lives are at stake, when wrongdoing, corruption, malfeasance are running rampant. As a result of the persecution directed against her, as retaliation for blowing the whistle, Dr. Carpenter was driven into financial destitution, and at one point even ended up homeless.
But by the time I first came into contact with her, many years later, Dr. Carpenter had become the Target of other special interest groups involving a vast web of corruption: The Medical Mafia, Big Pharma and their henchmen, thugs from the FDA.
Among the series of events which transpired in attempts to neutralize Dr. Carpenter and shut down her business, Lase Med Inc., were a monkey trial, a travesty of justice, where Dr. Carpenter was falsely accused, sued, and a judgment awarded against her for $2.5 MILLION, after being bilked and betrayed by her own attorneys; a libel/slander campaign via mainstream and alternative media; numerous and ongoing acts of criminal harassment, vandalism, stalking and political persecution; a raid by the FDA in July 2012, accomplished only by deception by lying FDA agents, in which most of her property was confiscated, including her lasers, her files and all the money she had in a safe at her office: $7800.00 in cash.
Her practice, in the state of Oklahoma, was shut down by FDA, this despite the fact that Dr. Carpenter had at no time violated any laws, but was operating in full compliance with the laws, under the Health Care Freedom Act. Nor had she ever harmed a patient. She did however, save lives, as the patients testified.
Subsequently, Dr. Carpenter lost her office. Then she lost her home, a rental property, as she had no money to pay the rent. She lost most of her personal property as well, and was left (once again) destitute and homeless.
But there's more...shortly after the FDA raid, Dr. Carpenter lost both of her vehicles. The first vehicle was stolen and used in a robbery. She was unable to recover her car, even though she was the victim of the crime. Her second vehicle, a van used for her business, was taken from her by a far more sinister means: She was hit (purposefully) while driving alone after dropping her grandson off at a school event. The van was hit with such a violent impact that it was turned upside down, trapping Dr. Carpenter inside, until she was able to get out only by her own efforts. The van was totalled (naturally), leaving Dr. Carpenter without any transportation, stranded, with no money, no way to continue to work for her living. The perpetrators (including federal agents) of this neutralization campaign against her had stolen or destroyed nearly everything she had, leaving her isolated and bereft.
Does any of this sound as if it could possibly be "coincidence"? Not where counterintelligence operations are concerned. I've seen the same pattern repeated over and over, in the cases I have investigated for over two decades. But more to the point, in my own life, having been targeted as a CIA whistleblower. I am intimately familiar with this storyline, and unfortunately it has been next to impossible to get any support, simply because people either "blame the victim", or "don't believe" the truthful testimony of the person targeted. Some, I'm sure, just don't give a damn.
But it gets worse. Early this year Dr. Carpenter received a "target letter" from the DOJ, informing her that she was now a target of a Grand Jury Investigation. She could not find an attorney to represent her. Everyone she contacted wanted a large sum of money up front, from $10,000 at the low end, to $100,000. Nobody would help, no attorney would take her case pro bono. Nobody cared, nobody would help...the same old, same old.
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THE WAR ON TRUTH: Target Bill Windsor & Lawless America

Lawless America

For the past few years, I've been reading Bill Windsor's website and watching his videos. I don't know him personally, but I was so profoundly impressed by his tireless and uncompromising activism against government corruption that I added a link to Lawless America on my own website.

I would not presume to speak for Bill Windsor, but I can recognize the truth of his story, from his own testimony. How could I not? The same things have happened to me...  stalked by criminal psychopaths, threatened with bodily harm, even death, slandered, libeled, harassed by lunatics and malicious liars, and having all my efforts to seek justice quashed and sabotaged by the very "legal" system which was designed to "protect" my rights and liberties. Lawless America indeed.

Please take the time to peruse Bill Windsor's website and watch his videos. For those who want yet another firsthand account of persecution against a law-abiding citizen, a Messenger of Truth, he has furnished a large body of evidence, not only about his own case, but those of hundreds of Americans seeking justice for the crimes committed against them by their own government, who know the truth from their own experiences, who want to "save America" from the evildoers who are destroying this nation from within.

"If they don't do the right thing here, I'll expose these bastards until the cows come home..."

--Bill Windsor, commenting on corruption of courts and judges

"My family's completely terrorized, so terrorized that my wife of 42 years divorced me and this Sean Boushie stalked her, threatened her with lawsuits, sent her a letter threatening her, sent e-mail to virtually everyone she worked with, calling her...all kinds of horrible things, claiming that she was stalking him. She's so afraid for her safety, the safety of her children and grandchildren that she divorced me. Not only that, but my children and grandchildren no longer talk to me. I'm not allowed to have any communication with my two granddaughters, who I love more than words could ever express. So I qualify for a stalking protective order, but I was turned away..."

In this video, Bill Windsor tells the story of the terror campaign against him, in which a criminal named Sean Boushie stalked and threatened him, causing Bill to be in fear for his life.

Hear for yourself how Bill Windsor was treated by the "authorities" from whom he sought an order of protection from this criminal menace, Sean Boushie.

Bill Windsor report from Hamilton Montana & Ravalli County Courthouse
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
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Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA