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Friday, March 15, 2013

A Personal Message on Political Persecution, Sovereignty & Survival

I am posting this message on my website because that is the only way I can reach all of those who may be interested, some of whom I believe might have the "need to know". For those who know me, and for those who are regular readers of my site, it will be a familiar message.
First, I should apologize to a number of my friends, whose e-mails have gone unanswered, and whose phone messages I have not returned.  This is because my personal hardships have multiplied, especially over the past few months, to the point that I don't have the resources to pay for even the most basic necessities, including the monthly bills, as well as unexpected emergencies which have also arisen.  Add to that increasing disability, constant pain, by far the worst it has ever been, with no way to get any sort of health care.
I usually see no point in talking about these issues, I would rather just try to solve my own problems as best I can without burdening others, unless they know my circumstances and have offered to help. In any case, I'm only going to say it once. If I have explained the circumstances, and then what I've said has fallen on deaf ears, or has been misinterpreted, I'm not going to belabor the point. 
And being the most blunt and plainspoken of persons, if someone asks me, How are you? I can't pretend to be "fine" when I'm not. If I can't answer honestly, with the truth, I don't answer at all. Rather than tell my 'sob story', I withdraw from contact, except in the case of the most dire emergency. At the worst of times, it's more or less my proclivity to take a 'vow of silence' regarding most of what is happening in my life.
I've already had my telephone and Internet service shut off once, since I couldn't come up with the money before it was too late. I put up a notice on my website a few months ago, asking for donations to restore the service, but got no responses. This interruption of service, along with all communications, may happen again in the near future unless I can find a way to prevent it. Since the Autumn of last year I've also had to ration food, what I could get, that is, and I have a beloved cat to take care of --she comes first. 
As anyone living in the the New England area knows, it has been a particularly brutal winter, with snowstorms, blizzards and record snowfall accumulation. 
From December 2012, I have been snowed in at least 6 times, twice for a period of 5 days each.  And it's not over I write this, looking out my window, it's snowing again. But snow in and of itself wouldn't be such a problem, assuming I'd had the resources to deal with it. I didn't.
Just a few details, to round out the picture: In the worst blizzard of the season, I was not only snowed in, I was literally locked inside my house because the snow had barricaded the doors. When I opened my front door, there was a wall of hardened frozen snow which came up to my neck (I am only 5'5" tall, but still...) Fortunately, a 'good samaritan' finally showed up and removed the snow in front of the door.
On another occasion, although I managed to get out the door, the snow was so deep I could not make it from my house to the street without sinking to my hips, using a snow shovel to make my way, and then sliding down a huge snowbank, as there was no other way out. My snow shovels were later also buried under a mountain of snow, since I was unable to retrieve them after yet another storm; same thing happened to my trash cans, I was unable to get them out from under the snowbank for weeks.
Due to disability (including, but not limited to, severe osteo-arthritis, chronic fibromyalgia/CFS and a heart condition --all a direct result of the government's lifelong assaults on my person),
there was no way I could shovel all that snow myself, as even the strongest man would have taken hours to clear the snow, assuming he was using a shovel. In most cases, a plow was needed, but the problem was, I had no money to call for a plow. On one occasion, the Priest from my church kindly paid for the plowing service, as he knows I am disabled --even though it's not in the budget --they only recently raised enough money to repair the roof on the church.
On the several other occasions of heavy snowfall, there was no way out without a plow, so I was forced to use what little money I had, going without other necessities. Add to this that where I live I have oil heat, and oil prices are through the roof. I keep the temperature at 58 degrees to conserve fuel, which doesn't bother me, as I prefer cold to cloying heat. What does bother me is never knowing IF I will be able to get the money to have the oil tank refilled.
Without going into too much detail, and to protect my privacy, I can only say that the reasons I am currently in this dire situation are without exception a result of the government's longterm persecution campaign against me. (I know, you've heard it all before, but I am only documenting the truth, for the public record.)
I have no reliable source of material support; then, there was the forced sale of my former home (under threat of foreclosure for taxes) in 2010. I lost most of my possessions as well (forced to sell most of my furniture for a fraction of its worth); that loans I had made (at such times, to others  worse off than I was) have not been paid back, which came from all I had to live on for the forseeable future.
[Note: I have many enemies (criminals) who have disseminated all kinds of false information on the Internet, not only about me, but also about my former home, about the ownership of my home (it belonged to me, as an inheritance, but of course the government found a way to make sure I lost it --one thing the bastards don't want is for the Targets to have any security in their own home), and who went so far as to post my PRIVATE, UNLISTED street address, and photos of the house, in attempts to solicit further harassment and crimes against me. This, on top of their monstrous invasions of my privacy. Those who actually know me (my friends and family) know full well that anything posted by these loathsome characters, these malicious liars, is false information, and aside from that, it is my PRIVATE business, not for public fare.] 
I know that circumstances of extreme hardship are not unusual these days, as many people have lost their homes; have been forced to choose between 'heat, or eat'; have had to get food stamps (which I refuse to do, on principle, and because I won't allow the government bastards the slightest inroads to further harass me or invade my privacy --they've already been there, done that, in spades, for more years than I care to remember.)
But unfortunately, unlike many others, I am alone, and don't have anyone (no family, no spouse, no friends, not a soul in all the world) I can rely on for anything, including material support. One of the tactics used by the evildoers is to 'starve out' the Target by removing all possible sources of support --I must say, they're doing a great job. Isolation, alienation, goes on, one way or another, day after day, month after month, year after year. Anything I manage to get, they find a way to take it from me, anything I manage to create, they will destroy it.
Due to disability, I am not able to work any sort of 'regular' job, and even were I capable, even if jobs were available (many able-bodied people I know are out of work), I can guarantee nobody would hire me, very simply because of the unfortunate 'notoriety' (libel/slander campaign)  in connection with my name on the Internet.
"Once a CIA Agent, always a CIA Agent". (No, not this time, there are exceptions to the general rule.) Courtesy of the late Ted L. Gunderson, FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, and parroted by countless of his minions and lackeys. 
"CIA Agent Barbara Hartwell Targets Our Family!" A large tabloid-style photo of me, a video and accompanying text, filled with outrageous lies, such as that I am "working with a particular FBI agent and John McCain" (neither of whom I know, nor have ever had any contact with) in perpetrating all kinds of dastardly deeds, such as computer sabotage of websites (I have only the most rudimentary computer skills and no access to such technology), and taking part in "racial profiling" schemes against Targets. (No, I am the furthest thing from any kind of racist, I defend the rights of all people, regardless of race or ethnic origin, and in fact bigotry is one of the major issues I have chosen to stand up against and fight.)  Courtesy of Aaron James.
"Barbara Hartwell, Gunslinger or Mudslinger?" aka "The Crimson Viper" aka "The Merchant of Venom", etc. etc. In which I am (naturally) accused of being a "CIA disinformation agent", among many other lies. Courtesy of Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau (longtime P.R. shill for Ted Gunderson et al), and parroted by James F. Marino.
"Barbara Hartwell: Agent of Satan" & "Evil Incarnate". (No, I'm actually a Christian, but who cares? Not these godless bastards.) Courtesy of James F. Marino.
"Barbara Hartwell, CIA BLACK WITCH DEFENDS SATANIST!" (Wrong on all counts, and just plain stupid.) Courtesy of Timothy Patrick White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski & "Xena Carpenter" aka Todd Brendan Fahey.
"Barbara Hartwell: CIA hit man". (Must be desperate to discredit me, if this is the best they can do.) Courtesy of Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan, "International Intelligence Experts" (please...), and parroted by Glenn Canady.
And these are just a small sample among many such smears to destroy my name. But how would anyone from the general public know that, when these outrageous lies are right at the top of a Google search? (Google is in bed with NSA, so what does that tell you?)
I'm sure these reprobates are popping the champagne corks in gleeful celebration, as they're sure to be reading this, gloating at their success in destroying my life.
Even people whose names got associated with mine in the libel campaign, through no fault of their own, and who are not involved in any way with the work I do, have been harassed, libeled/slandered, and have been turned down for employment and/or ostracized. 
And then, there's the fact that I am of retirement age, a 'senior citizen'. Most people my age are having a hell of a hard time, even with social security or perhaps some sort of 'fixed income' with retirement benefits. Nobody can live off that these days. Imagine not even having that much, but that is my situation. 
And just try finding a place to live, such as a rental, when your good name has been defamed all over the Internet, especially when you have no credit history, no official employment history, when you are are only a 'ghost' in the system. Once your name is entered into a search engine, it's all over but the crying.
A prospective landlord, reading the sensationalistic trash posted in connection with my name,  might just imagine that if he rented to me, Dirty Harry will come rapelling down from a helicopter, and there could be a shoot-out on his property! The truth is far more tame and more mundane. I am the most quiet, reclusive person imaginable, and the days are long past when such a scenario could possibly be a part of my life. But again, there is no way anyone from the general public would know that. (But...I read it on the Internet, so it must be true! Sorry, but we can't take the risk, we can't have anything to do with you.)
The Internet has become the main (and in most cases) the only source of information used by the general public, by individuals, and by businesses. And once a person's name has been defamed, consistently and repeatedly over a period of many years, especially by such an organized libel/slander campaign run by counterintelligence operations, it is very close to impossible to ever repair the damages. Considering the massive damages caused to every area of my life, I know this as well as anyone could. 
When people try to tell me otherwise, or to minimize my situation, they are speaking from profound ignorance. Some say, Oh, but you could change that if you got some 'good' publicity. Or, Nobody is going to pay attention to that stuff, once they get to know you. Maybe not, but in most cases, they will not ever want to know me, not after reading the hideous calumny on the Internet. 
Then --amazing to me the state of denial they must be living in-- some people will say to me, You're not alone. On the contrary, I am very much alone. And I ask them to tell me, who is it, exactly, that you think is there with, or for me, so that I am "not alone"? Who is going to come to the rescue, in any worst case scenario? No answer.
Why don't you change your name? they ask. Well, if I had the resources, I might consider it. If I had the wherewithal, if I were independently wealthy, if I owned an island somewhere, I could construct a fortress, a place where I didn't have to worry about having the utilities shut off, or putting food on the table. Then, I could change my name. What then? Does anyone really think this could be a solution to the problem? If so, they are living in a fantasy world.
As for the reason I am writing this message, for the public record, and posting it on my site, it is because I've reached the limits of my endurance (as I do from time to time) in trying to convey the truth to anyone I have a reasonable expectation might care.  Although I have made every effort to get through to the people closest to me, especially about the government's campaign against me, most of them just don't get it. I have documented the facts in affidavits and letters, I have sent copies of disability letters from doctors, I have done all in my power, in the hope that they would finally understand. They don't, and it appears there is nothing I can do about it.
Despite all my efforts at giving them the facts, either I am blamed for my circumstances, told I brought it on myself (the old story, blaming the victim instead of the perpetrators), and/or my truthful statements of fact about what has happened to me are dismissed. This, even though they are privy to far more information than will ever be made public, and even though they have been witnesses to some of the events in question. Like I said, denial, rather than a willingness to even consider the truth.
Worst of all, I've been pressured to get 'public assistance' AS IF that were the solution, much less a possibility. Just what I need, more government busybodies sticking their noses into my business, thinking they have the right to run my life. No thanks, even if I could get it (doubtful, considering the circumstances), I'd rather die than be a 'ward of the state'. (Liberty or Death. Don't tread on me. Let God send the chariot to take me home.)  Actually, the government owes me many millions for the damages they have inflicted over a lifetime, but I've long ago given up believing I could ever win a lawsuit against them. That takes money, as well as finding an attorney willing to take the case...maybe when Hell freezes over. 
So be it. Judging from past experience, there may be nothing I can do to make the people that count understand, but at least I'll know I tried, and here it is, for anyone who wants the facts, for the public record. A sanitized version, of course, with most of the gory details redacted. Just imagine a government document, with all those blacked out sections...the story of my life.
As for the people who do understand, who do see the truth, I have found that it is only those people who have a similar background, who have had similar experiences, who know exactly what will happen once you become a Target of a campaign of persecution. Most of them have lost almost everything, are ill, disabled and impoverished, and some have told me that they can't bear to read my website, because my reports only engender further trauma and emotional distress. I get that, because reading --or hearing-- the experiences of others like me can have the same effect, depending on how strong I feel on any given day. Mostly though, what I feel is outrage --how this could be going on, people's lives being destroyed in an organized campaign, and for the most part, others turn a blind eye and are concerned only for themselves.
Another issue I find it necessary to address relates to trying to get enough support (material and otherwise) to survive, while maintaining personal sovereignty. Since I, like many others in my line of work, don't get paid directly, don't draw a salary for what we do, soliciting donations from the public is necessary in order to cover the most basic expenses.
In my long history of working as an investigator and advocacy journalist, I have found that the donors fall into several general categories:  1) Those who make a one-time donation, large or small, usually with a note of appreciation for my work.  2) Those who make occasional donations, over a period of months or years. Some of these people become friends, as they make it clear that they not only solidly support my work, but also have a sincere concern for me personally. 3) Those who make regular donations, and/or send or deliver "care packages", volunteer their time and efforts to help me in various ways, who become friends and confidants, and who express more concern for my personal well-being than most others.
And as much as I truly appreciate their support, as much as I care for them personally (if I didn't they would not be my friends), it is only the third category of persons with whom I've ever had problems, the same sort of problems, over a period of many years. 
There are those individuals who apparently believe that their support of me (materially and otherwise)  "buys" them the right, gives them carte blanche, to interfere in my life, to act as an unwanted intermediary, matchmaker, spokesperson, deal-broker, etc. In certain cases, I have been treated more like a 'do-gooder project', than like a person, a friend in need of support.
I only accept support (donations or otherwise) with no strings attached, in the spirit of Christian charity or love gifts, a fact I have clearly stated numerous times, including in soliciting donations on my website. This applies to family, friends, or strangers from the general public. If you think I am worthy of your support (for whatever reason, whether it is because you find my work of value, and/or because you care for me personally), then I will gratefully accept your donations, in whatever form, as long as I am treated with courtesy and respect. A very simple concept, and a policy I have always made sure was clearly explained --right there in black and white, including "all donations are to be used at the sole discretion of Barbara Hartwell".
However, some of these 'do-gooders' have treated me with the greatest of disrespect, for my privacy, my personal boundaries, even my most fundamental rights. 
Aside from making their own donations, they have taken it upon themselves to try to raise money for me, which would be fine, which would actually be greatly appreciated --assuming the prospective donors were simply directed to my website, where they could review my material and decide for themselves if they want to make a donation. Maybe so, maybe not. If so, they are free to send me a donation themselves at my P.O. box. Nothing could be simpler, that's the way it's done.
Instead, the do-gooders have appointed themselves as intermediaries, asking people for donations which, rather than being sent directly to me, are passed on to me by them. If I want to send a thank you note, it must also be passed along through the intermediary. Even if someone wants to make an 'anonymous' donation (some do, and I understand that perfectly) there should be no problem simply sending it via the post, directly to me. (In the days when I used to receive donations on a somewhat regular basis --before the libel campaign reached critical mass-- I would get some cash in an envelope, no name of the donor, no return address, no problem. Thank you very much, I don't know your name, but God does, I'll say a prayer for you, God bless you.)
So, why all the cloak-and-dagger nonsense? Why all the unnecessary complications and maneuverings? Why all the melodrama, surrounding what should be a simple act of making a donation?
For example, I am subjected to a running commentary about the fund-raising efforts, and told that So-and-So "might" make a donation, but they have some questions; they want to know "why", for instance, I cannot get "fuel assistance" or "food stamps" (the government, again.) But that's none of their business. I don't answer intrusive questions, period. Nor do I authorize anyone to answer such questions as a spokesperson for me.
So-and-So wants to know "why", if I've been targeted, that the government has not killed me yet. Why is she still alive? This type of question is particularly offensive, as it seems to be an attempt to minimize everything, or even to discredit me. (Well, she's not dead yet, so maybe we are being played...) But anyway, hell if I know, I've only survived this long by the grace of God. And as every high-profile Target well knows, there are things worse than death. Once you get targeted, you know all too well what they are. (Read the reports on this site for details, including those written by my best friend and fellow Target, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee.)
If someone wants to make a donation, without the interrogation, without lengthy micro-analyses of the life of the recipient, let them just do it. If not, fine, I don't want money from anyone who does not give freely, of their own volition, after their own perusal of my website. My postal mailing address is right there on the front page of the site. And I certainly don't want a self-appointed  intermediary discussing my private business with anyone.
I solicit donations ONLY from my website, posted in a notice for the general public. I don't solicit donations from individuals, nor does anyone have my permission to discuss the details of my personal/professional business, in efforts to solicit donations on my behalf. They know this, and yet they persist, violating personal confidences, stirring up trouble, for no reason at all, other than that they apparently feel a compulsion to wield influence over the lives of others, where it is not their place.
This behavior is not only disrespectful, it is manipulative, a way of attempting to  'control' the flow of information, as well as of 'managing' other people's business; in fact, it displays the pinnacle of arrogance, and a form of aggression and petty tyranny that I find not only unacceptable, but  intolerable.
But it gets worse. In keeping with the 'do-gooder project', unsolicited advice is continually doled out, and pressure applied, in attempts to micro-manage various areas of my life. As I've told these people, I'm not a child, I'm not incompetent, I don't need advice as to how to run my life, personally or professionally. I simply need material support, and if you are my friend, if you really care and want to help, then please treat me accordingly and don't overstep your bounds.
Do they listen? Do they even hear what it is I am saying? No, it goes in one ear and out the other.
Then, there is the list of "BUTs", responses to anything I say in efforts to make them understand that I don't want or need their unsolicited advice, don't want them dragging third parties into my business, don't need them to micro-manage my affairs.
BUT, you won't be able to pay this bill if you spend the money (given as a donation) on that (fill in the blank). BUT, I am a 'problem solver', I can get things done! BUT, this So-and-So 'should' be helping you, so let me intervene. BUT, So-and-So sounded so worried about you, you better give him a call. BUT, these So-and-Sos would help you, I know they would, that is what they do. BUT, I only did this (fill in the blank) because I knew that's what you needed. BUT, the word 'CAN'T' is not in my vocabulary, so I just went ahead and did such-and-such. BUT, it was MY money that paid the bill, so I have a say if there's a problem. BUT, it was So-and-So whose money paid for that, so you better talk to HIM about it. BUT, I know you told me you didn't want that, BUT, I was only trying to help. BUT, after all I've done for you, you need to listen to me...
It seems these folks keep a running tab of "all" they have done. All the sacrifices they have made. And evidently, I am expected to pay for it by jumping through hoops like a trained circus animal.
How little they know me, and how profound is their lack of understanding of the principles by which I live.
I cannot begin to describe the level of stress caused by this sort of 'busybodying.' And when you don't know where your next meal is coming from, when you are so desperately in need of material assistance, when you live with constant anxiety, not knowing how --or if-- you will be able to get even minimal basic necessities to sustain life, it's hard to turn down help when it's offered.
BUT, this is not the type of 'help' I want or need, and eventually, it reaches the point where I either have to quietly walk away in order to have some degree of peace, or, the do-gooders become angry and indignant, simply because their self-righteous efforts at running my life have failed, for me not allowing the continued pattern of intrusive, indiscreet, disrespectful behavior, and they break off the friendship, blaming me, probably thinking I am an 'ingrate', that they hold the high moral ground. (After all I've done for you!...)
BUT, I don't need a "fixer", I don't need a "problem solver", I don't need a Town Crier announcing my business to all and sundry, to anyone who will lend an ear.
For that, I might just as well throw in the towel and go to the nearest government department of social services, where I could surrender my life, my fortunes and my sacred honor to the Bolsheviks.
For anyone who thinks this is a harsh judgment of the do-gooders, maybe it is, but it is also the truth, just like everything else in this report. In my life, I don't have the time or the inclination to pursue, or to document, anything but the truth. As the old saying goes, the truth hurts. In the words of Jesus Christ, You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. 
And the truth is, I need friends who will help simply because they care, and who respect my privacy, my personal boundaries, who will honor my clearly stated wishes about my own business and my own life. I am not a 'project', I am a person, a Sovereign Child of God, one who loves Liberty so much, I will fight to the death rather than give it up, no matter how extreme the circumstances of hardship, no matter the level of persecution by the evildoers in government.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 15, 2013
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