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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Seeking Legal Counsel & Representation for Dr. Antonella Carpenter


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ & Defenders of Liberty:


Dr. Antonella Carpenter is in urgent need of legal counsel and representation. She is being persecuted by agents of the U.S. government, who have already driven her into financial destitution, deprived her of her ability to earn a living, shut down her business, Lase Med Inc., as an alternative/holistic practitioner of cancer treatments.

In a raid by FDA on July 11, 2012, her property was seized, including hardcopy files and records, computer files, her laser equipment and $7,800.00 in cash she kept in a safe at her office, which was all she had.

The raid itself was accomplished only through deception.  A person falsely representing himself  as the nephew of a "patient" had made contact with Dr. Carpenter by several e-mails. Dr. Carpenter requested to talk to the "patient" directly and the so-called "patient", pretending to be his aunt, called to give details of her condition. Later, the nephew sent more e-mails to make an appointment, but cancelled several times. The final date settled upon was July 11, 2012.  But the "patient" had lied, as had her purported nephew. Instead of a "patient" arriving at her office at the designated time, there were federal agents and police. The FDA agent heading the raid admitted openly to Dr. Carpenter that he had lied in his e-mails, posing as the nephew of the "patient".

As for the charges justifying the warrant, it was obtained under false information, as to the nature of the business run by Lase Med Inc. It was not and had never been a "store", selling "adulterated drugs", nor a manufacturing facility selling "adulterated equipment". Lase Med Inc. was a holistic medicine facility, nothing more.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Carpenter lost her office and her remaining property at that location. Then she lost her home, as she had no way to pay the rent or other expenses and was forced to move in with relatives. She lost most of her own property, the possessions of a lifetime, including her furniture, because having no money left, she could not afford to move it or store it.

Dr. Carpenter previously owned two vehicles. The first, parked outside her home while she was still in residence, was stolen, shortly after the raid. Dr. Carpenter called the police when she realized her vehicle was missing, and later was informed that, not only had it been stolen, but used by the perpetrator in a robbery. She was unable to recover her property, as she could not cover the expenses connected with the "official" procedures, all of which were left for her --the victim of the crime-- to pay.

Then, some months later, her second vehicle, a van which had been used for her business, was destroyed. Dr. Carpenter was driving home alone after taking her grandson to a school event, when she was hit so hard by a truck, that the violent impact turned the van on its side, leaving her trapped inside the van, until she was able to get out by her own efforts. Miraculously, considering the damage to the vehicle, she suffered no major injuries. 

But the police declined to issue even a ticket to the driver who had slammed into her, who had failed to reduce his speed or make any effort to avoid the "accident".

The van was "totalled". Now, Dr. Carpenter is stranded in the home of her relatives, without transportation.

How unlikely is this series of events? Are these events just a form of random "coincidence"? Or were they engineered with intent of malice?

Nobody with eyes to see or ears to hear could possibly deny the obvious pattern operating here.

Dr. Carpenter, a brilliant physicist, has developed a laser technology which kills cancer, gently and thoroughly, without harsh, invasive "treatment" such as chemo or radiation; which is not injurious to the patient in any way, and which is far less costly than standard treatments. Her treatment saves lives, and she has the documentation to prove it.

Dr. Carpenter is law-abiding, and her practice was conducted in full compliance with any and all existing laws in the states where her business was located.

Dr. Carpenter is not a criminal, nor even a scofflaw. She has never harmed anyone in any way, including any of the patients who came to her for treatment. She is innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

So why is Dr. Carpenter being so brutally persecuted?

Because Big Pharma, the Medical Mafia and Big Government, all operating in collusion, have a vested interest in stopping anyone and everyone who believes in the right to freedom of choice in health care; who has the courage to exercise their God-given rights of self-determination, to take personal responsibility, to take charge of their own lives, rather than allowing tyrants to make their decisions for them, to force them to comply with unlawful, unconstitutional edicts, to their own detriment.

As part of the persecution, Dr. Carpenter has been targeted for a massive libel/slander campaign, conducted mostly on the Internet, but also involving mainstream media.

She is attacked with outrageous lies by minions of the government tyrants, and she and her family have been harassed even by her neighbors, who were given false information about Dr. Carpenter, who was slandered by the minions --then the neighbors were recruited as part of the campaign against her. Her family is also being attacked by vandalism of their property, including their vehicles.

After I began appearing as a guest on Dr. Carpenter's radio show, The Medical Conspiracy, I myself  was targeted for attacks from these same minions, who have promoted outrageous lies against Barbara Hartwell, simply because I support Dr. Carpenter and stand up as an advocate for her God-given unalienable rights, as I have done for others who are being persecuted.  If  We, the People, as Individuals, don't stand up for the rights of others being persecuted, who will? 

These minions have claimed that I, Barbara Hartwell, "do not exist", but am really a "family member" of Dr. Carpenter. No, I have never even met Dr. Carpenter, am not related to her by blood, nor did I know her before she invited me to be a guest on her radio program.

The minions have claimed that my website, which has been online since 2006 (and which includes archives dating back to the nineties) is actually a false construction by Dr. Carpenter, for the purpose of deceiving the public into believing there is a "real" journalist who is covering the case.

Well, I do wonder how Dr. Carpenter could possibly have fabricated over 700 articles and reports (some by other well-known authors), which are all clearly dated, both at time of writing and time stamped by date of posting? The evidence is there, for the public record, for all to see.

But this only shows how desperate they must be to discredit anyone who might be able to bring this case of persecution to the attention of the public. Such claims are ludicrous and easily disproven. 

Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. So, why would anyone believe anything else these malicious  liars have to say?

The minions have sent complaints to the radio network where Dr. Carpenter has her show, making false and libelous claims about me and trying to get Dr. Carpenter's program taken off the air.  

They threatened to make complaints to the FCC, which has no jurisdiction over the independent radio network which carries Dr. Carpenter's program. They have no scruples whatsoever in their attempts to trample the right to free speech, and to silence Dr. Carpenter and her supporters.

They have even put up blogs using my name, in attempts to discredit me, to do further harm to the personal and professional reputation of Dr. Carpenter.

And for the record, I am not employed, nor ever have been, by Lase Med Inc. or Dr. Carpenter. I am not being paid for my efforts to help Dr. Carpenter publicize her case. I am only an independent journalist who is writing reports and participating in radio coverage of the circumstances and events, at the original request of Dr. Carpenter.

I am not an attorney, nor have any expertise in matters of law, nor have served as an "advisor" to her in any capacity. I have only reported the facts, upon information and belief, as well as the testimony of witnesses whom I believe to be trustworthy; and have stated my opinions regarding those facts and testimonies.

This is called "advocacy journalism", and is the only type of journalism I am involved in, and have been for well over thirty years. I do this work because I care. I care about defending liberty. I care about exposing crimes, corruption and coverups. I care about the innocent people who are targeted for persecution, who are falsely accused, whose lives are being destroyed by grievous injustices. I care about their children and grandchildren, just as I care about my own.

But I am only one such person. Other journalists (electronic and print media) have also covered these issues and have had Dr. Carpenter as a guest on their radio/TV programs. And we are all doing this in the cause of liberty and justice, at our own expense, because we care.

And yet, Dr. Carpenter is getting only a fraction of the support she needs, and to my knowledge, only from journalists. She certainly has no material support, no matter how many appeals for donations have been made. The response to her petition has been a disappointment as well.

So far, all Dr. Carpenter's attempts to get legal representation, or even legal advice for her own protection, have come to naught. The lawyers she has contacted want money, up front, which she does not have. One operation she contacted, a newspaper which claims they work for "justice" for the falsely accused, demanded $10,000 up front, even to start an investigation.

None of Dr. Carpenter's supporters have the means to assist her financially, and no one who does have the means has been willing to help.

So where does that leave Dr. Carpenter, who has already lost almost everything she had, her money, her property, her office, her home, her vehicles?

Dr. Carpenter does not need people writing to her with empty offers of possible future "support" or fundraising. She does not need pep talks from "cheerleaders", nor unsolicited advice from amateurs who don't know the facts, or who mistakenly compare her situation with others, when in fact there is no commonality. She's already received all of the above, and still no real assistance of the type she needs. 

What Dr. Carpenter DOES need is an honest, integral, experienced and licensed attorney to represent her, to advise her, to stand up for her rights. She needs someone who cares about justice, and about protecting the freedom of individuals to determine their own health care, by the practitioners of their choice.  She needs an attorney who CARES, period. 


If you are an attorney, or if you know someone who might be able to help Dr. Carpenter, pro bono, please contact her at:



Thank you for your consideration.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Friend & Supporter of Dr. Carpenter
January 24, 2013
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