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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fed Saboteurs Launch Assault on The American Awakening Radio Program

The American Awakening, hosted by Michael Herzog, guest Barbara Hartwell:
The fed hackers strike again!  On December 30, 2010, the feds deployed their arsenal of electronic war toys to sabotage a radio program where Barbara Hartwell was the guest--in this case, The American Awakening, hosted by Michael Herzog. No surprise here, as this has happened on a regular basis, for many years, especially if the program is broadcast on-air live. I don't do live radio much anymore, precisely for this reason. But I hadn't been on Michael's  program for awhile, he's a great talk host, also a personal friend, so I said yes to his invitation.
The topic for discussion: the police state tactics of surveillance, invasions of privacy, interrogation and harassment, now implemented ad nauseum at  mega-corporations such as Hannaford, Target, WalMart ("If you see something, say something", a la fat busybody extraordinaire, Janet Napolitano), Costco...
And speaking of Costco, we began the program with expressing our outrage at the cold-blooded murder of Erik Scott, gunned down by Las Vegas Metro police (William Mosher, Thomas Mendiola, Joshua Stark) outside  the  Summerlin Costco, after a store employee -- officious busybody, cop-wannabe-- (if you see something, say something) Shai Lierley, called 9-11 to report that Erik Scott was carrying a gun. (Lawfully, that is, but the little busybody was apparently so intent on snitching, he didn't bother to find that out before he made the call that ended Erik's life.) 
As soon as Michael introduced me as his guest, the sabotage began, with a vengeance. I had called in on a cell phone (which I would not ordinarily use) simply because no land line was available at my location. Michael said my voice was breaking up, and that was true, but as I later learned, it got much worse than that. When I listened to the beginning of the show on the archives, just to see how bad the damages were, it was clear that the perps were using some kind of electronic device that horribly distorted a person's voice and which made it nearly unbearable to listen to. But then, that was the whole point --make the listening audience want to turn off the program.
There was also the usual, what happens every time I call in as a guest on a radio show: the technicians in the studio asking me to call back, as they detected serious interference with the signal. Evidently, in addition to the grotesque  voice distortion, the feds were jamming the cell phone. So, I tried switching to a second cell phone, one of better quality. That helped a little, but didn't solve the problem.  Despite all this nonsense, we weren't about to let these government saboteurs win, so we decided to continue with the show, frustrating as it might be.
And so it was that we got the chance to discuss quite a number of issues during the two-hour program, and in addition to addressing our main topic, to expose a number of government-sponsored criminals, shills and stooges.
Unfortunately, anyone who reports truthful information about government crimes, corruption and cover-ups ends up targeted by this gaggle of government stooges, who do the dirty work on behalf of their fed masters. Take, as just one example, fed snitch Tim White, a career criminal and predicate felon who made a deal for a get-out-of- jail-free card in exchange for libeling, slandering, harassing, threatening and stalking whistleblowers, journalists and patriots.
White has been at it for over a decade and despite numerous criminal  complaints filed by his targets (including of threats of bodily harm and death), despite several restraining orders issued to various complainants, this odious perp has never been apprehended. The cowardly little Tim White finally fled to Canada, a fugitive from justice. To this day, he is still harassing, slandering and libeling, though he pursues his cyber-stalking from a "safe" distance.
In fact, Michael Herzog became a target of the government stooge brigade, shortly after he committed the unpardonable sin of inviting Barbara Hartwell, for the first time, as a guest on his radio show (RBN, 2007). Tim White, the busybody from Hell (aided and abetted by his fellow stooges)  immediately  swung into action, attacking Michael Herzog with a hit piece claiming to "expose" Michael and "warn" others about having dealings with him. The stooges libeled Michael and his family with gross calumny, made false claims  accusing him of running "scams" and committing crimes, and posted his street address and photos of his house on the Internet. Of course, these useful idiots  had been doing the same thing to me for years.
At one point in the program, I mentioned that I had seen the recently released  film, Fair Game, about the Valerie Plame Affair, as it has come to be known. Plame, a CIA agent, was distressed, with good reason, after having been targeted by the government for a libel/slander campaign (among other abuses) and exclaimed, "They've posted pictures of my house on the Internet!"
As I told Michael on the program, I know just how she feels. To have these rabid jackals invading your privacy, bearing false witness, spreading outrageous lies.....all because you exposed the truth about the liars, traitors, criminals and tyrants in government, those who are running this country into the ground, destroying lives, breaking up families, driving people into financial destitution, bankruptcy, homelessness, railroading law-abiding  whistleblowers into prisons...All this in their psy-war against We the People of these United States.  
As we were discussing some of these government stooges, Michael brought up one in particular, "Xena Carpenter", a website where Michael Herzog, Barbara Hartwell and other legitimate persons have been targeted on a regular basis, a site chock-full of outrageous fabrications, libelous falsehoods, malicious gossip and character assassination.
"Xena Carpenter" is almost certainly a fiction created to serve as a shill for government-sponsored criminals such as Tim White and his "other half" of the demonic duo, Todd Brendan Fahey, known to be the author of at least the libelous pseudo-reports (for which no author is credited, and purportedly written by this "Xena Carpenter" ) which claim to be "exposing" Barbara Hartwell.
It is clear that this "Xena Carpenter" website exists for the sole purpose of libeling targets of corrupt government agents, and their flunkies, namely Tim White, Todd Fahey and others of their ilk.
And when I spoke to Michael on the telephone a few days after the broadcast, he mentioned that some of the people visiting the chat room connected to his radio show had been posting some of the idiotic disinformation fabricated by the fed stooges, about Barbara Hartwell.
These useful idiots are everywhere. They are busybodies, gate-crashers, name-droppers, lowlife losers, who have nothing better to do with their time than harass and libel patriots, whistleblowers, journalists. Their trash postings pollute the Internet, while the feds exploiting them laugh at them from behind the scenes.
And, in keeping with the government police state lockdown, these are the very type of useful idiots who are lining up to snitch on their fellow Americans. (If you see something, say something). Because the truth is, any decent, honorable, self-respecting person (from any walk of life) would also respect the privacy, the personal boundaries,  the God-given, unalienable rights of others. That is what Liberty is all about: respecting the unalienable rights of others, and defending those unalienable rights --to the death-- against all who would attempt to trample them. 
The nefarious government plot, hatched long before 9-11 (which serves as a convenient excuse) aims to turn America into a nation of busybodies, snoops,  gossips, snitches and citizen-spies.
If there's one thing I can't abide, it's a busybody. Always sticking their noses where they don't belong, spreading  gossip, continually meddling in the personal and professional business of others, invading privacy and crashing through personal boundaries with impunity.
What's wrong with these people? Why won't they just mind their own business and leave others to tend to theirs? Why do they stalk and harass, why do they attempt to impose their will on others, in the misguided belief that they have that "right"?
It is all very simple: First, busybodies lack self esteem. Because they have never developed any form of their own individual integrity, because they do not operate on principle or moral absolutes, because they don't respect themselves, they feel the need to seek approval from others, especially those whom they envy. Look at me!....the approval seekers, the people-pleasers, exclaim, in their desperate bid for attention. But ironically, their efforts to win the approval of others are in vain, and result in the very oppositte of what they seek, for any self-respecting individual will recognize them for what they are: cowards ruled by their fear of disapproval.
But by far the worst of these busybodies are the government stooges. Fueled by malice and spite, lacking any self-respect, they think they can aggrandize their own flagging egos by attacking others, ironically usually the very people they envy, whose love of Truth and Justice has made them targets of a corrupt government.
Government stooges are cowards, plain and simple. Who but a coward would resort to telling lies about others, rather than acknowledging their own character flaws and working to correct them? Who but a coward would value a self-aggrandizing lie over the truth? Who but a coward would snitch on his neighbor to escape the consequences of his own offenses and crimes?
By their fruits shall you know them.
But for the benefit of those who don't know them, once again, their identities should be exposed. Here's a list of some of the worst of the cowardly busybodies, snitches, government stooges, lackeys, useful idiots --those who gleefully wait, with bated breath, to "See something, say something", twisting whatever it is they think they have "seen" in order to aggrandize their own egos at the expense of Messengers of Truth and Defenders of Liberty.
Shame on them all..........
Timothy Patrick White (Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski); Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter" aka multiple idiotic aliases and screen names, including those stolen by identity theft); "Xena Carpenter" (aka Todd Fahey); Larry Lawson; Brenda Negri (aka James L. Choron); Shirley Anderson; Craig Oxley; Doug Millar; Clarence Malcolm; Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor); Charles Bruce Stewart; Don Nicoloff; Ken Adachi; James F. Marino; Rayelan Allan; Aaron James; Michelle Ray; Mike Eggleston;  Alex McGowin Studer; A. True Ott; Pamela Schuffert; Eric Phelps.
As for the criminal government agents running the COINTELPRO and related operations, to whom these useful idiots answer (one way or another), and whose lies they parrot, here are just a few of the worst:
Ted L. Gunderson (FBI CONINTELPRO Kingpin); John DeCamp (former senator, CIA black ops assassin); Don Stacey (CIA); Ronald Cerra (CIA) Mary Ann Cerra (CIA); Mark Phillips (CIA).
Oh what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to deceive.....
Barbara Hartwell Percival
January 9, 2010
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