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Sunday, August 19, 2007


From William Miller

To America:

I have felt compelled to look askance at the goings on in the US Marshals since, in 1993, I travelled to Robeson County North Carolina to film a video dcoumentary regarding a political prisoner, Eddie Hatcher, and the drug corruption he challenged in a "terrorist" act of desperation, as the death toll mounted in his coummunity. (What it has to do with the US Marshals comes later, be patient).

That death toll included the murder of a county judge-elect, Julian Pierce who, on the night of his murder, appeared at an electoral victory celebration, with a briefcase hand-cuffed to his wrist, and told supporters that he had information that was going to put Sheriff Hubert Stone in jail.

If you had asked Bill Kuenstler, or his partner Ron Kuby, or former US Attorney General (Johnson Administration), Ramsey Clark, they would say that the murder was pinned on two minority youths who were clearly framed.

Having interviewed Eddie Hatcher inside the Raeford County jail, on the backside of Ft. Bragg North Carolina, in close proximity to various remote airfields, perhaps somewhat plausibly deniable to US Special Operations Command....near Robeson County, I returned home to write my story, an abbreviated version of which found it's way into the University of NH student newspaper, as I was attending the University for some follow-up subjects, at the time. A week after I left the county, it was reported in the national media, that the body of James Jordan (Michael's father) was discovered at a rest area on the road side in Robeson County, NC.

Ramsey Clark told me that he had no doubt, that the two minority youths accused in this instance were set-ups, just like the two convicted in the murder of Julian Pierce.

Prior to entering Robeson County, I had faxed a statement regarding my impending investigation, to Mark McClarty, Chief of Staff of the Clinton White House, had notified a human rights organization Jimmy Carter is associated with, and informed the Command Sergeant Major of a Special Forces Company.

I do not know how much of that figured into the fact that my camerman and I were not officially murdered by some minority utes, or how much it had to do with the fact that Stone and company had one red flag of a corpse to contend with already, as I was tromping all over the county "investigating" and probably walked right past the corpse of James Jordan. Weird. However, I survived and I told my story.

A national magazine guy said, "It's a good read. I think we might go with this." I was twenty-seven years old, had graduated college, done four years in the Army including pounding the ground very extensively and in "hardcore" fashion, in the DMZ in Korea, sleeping on frozen ground in the winter, in the burning sands in the summer, had tromped the very ground around the Raeford County jail, in advanced individual soldiering trials that resulted in massive, pus filled blood blisters on my feet...

Now I was on the verge of being a serious national caliber investigative journalist.

For whatever reason, I balked at the notion. I did not follow up. Let's face it, life in the zone somewhere, carries let down factors and empty spaces inside of a questing young man, after the ride comes to a close. It is not an easy adjustment back to society after being gone from the world. As the movie, Cold Mountain would indicate, it is along march home. Maybe you never find it again.

[My soldiering in Saudi and Iraq, during the Storm, and how it shaped me and my life flow in the direction of certain matters of international diplomatic consequence, and attendent matters, is an undivulged story and a story for another day. Such are highly personal and emotional matters, especially in the drama of youth].

The following March (1994), Charles Raab, in response to the murder of James Jordan, did his own investigation for GQ magazine, and his story line essentially paralleled mine. So, you see, when I write about the inherent crimes and criminality of what passes for government, and some journalists, looking to badger and box in Ed Brown with their snares, carrying out their actual assigned roles as good little federal occupation moles, and these "journalists" say things like, "Man, those are some pretty sweeping allegations; do you have any kind of actual evidence about these things?"...this demonstrates exactly the crux of the reasons for why Ed Brown despises the lousy little, lazy federal moles that pass for journalists in this denial ridden society.

Ed Brown did his own such investigation with other concerned members of the Unamerican Activities Investigations Commmission, in regard to federal drug corruption and the Mafia in Alabama and several surrounding states, back in the early nineties. He and his cohorts, conducted extensive filming and surveillance and, volunteered the results of hundreds of hours of privately funded manhours that "taxpayers" ought to have spent good and well spent money upon, to the service of the FBI, saying here is our evidence....

Finally, the goverenor of Alabama was beginning to look into the matter in a focused manner. One day the state police escort to the front of his limo, wandered away, far away, and then there was an attack from an ambush position by someone wielding some form of light anti-tank weapon, and the governor narrowly escaped with his life.

The governor was no longer interested in investigating drug corruption after this.

So, I present you more evidence that the trial of Edward and Elaine is a politically motivated witch hunt.

So here we have the truth of Ed and Elaine's "selfishness" as to how they choose to dispense with the hard earned fruits of their own labors, ay?

Certainly the USAIC and the Constitution Rangers have been referred to repeatedly, in the police documents I have seen as "anti-government militias." These anti-government militias have repeatedly tried to work with "the government," in bringing such matters to light!!!!!!!!!!!

However, I digress.

What does this have to do with the US Marshals?

The drug lord of Robeson County, North Carolina, a murderer, Sheriff Hubert Stone, having been "investigated," by way of Congressional hearings in 1988, was about to be nominated by Bill (Mena Airstrip) Clinton, to be Sr. US Marshal for the Eastern District of North Carolina, at the time of these investigations by me and later Chuck Raab.

Stone was a shoe-in. Congressman Charlie Rose said so blatantly, loudly and often, after a boatload of scandal had hit the national wires surrounding Congressional hearings on Robeson in 1988. I like to believe that the run my camera man and I made in the late innings, probably contributed a little bit to closing the deal on the derailment of Stone's nomination and release of Eddie Hatcher. (It was a long, coordinated multi-national effort). Stone had not sought re-election as sheriff (in a county where there is entrenched voting scandal, intimidation at the voting booths like in some third world dicatorship), and was out of a job.

Eddie Hatcher was released from jail not long after. The last time I spoke with him in 1998, he stated to me that he has no respect whatsoever, for Michael Jordan, whom he regards as a self-serving greedy buzzard who doesn't care about the misery of people in thrid world countries, just like Robeson County. Jordan, said Eddie, had a chance to say something to the world about how a black kid and an Indian kid were about to get framed for his father's murder. He chose instead, just to take his money and run.

Anyway, as regards US Marshals and Congressmen: What makes you think there are many of these operators at all who are not criminals?

Never mind. Just keep paying the tax.

I am forwarding a recent article sent to me, by Dottie Castora, from Maine, whose home was stolen from under her, by York County Chief Justice Arthur Brennan, acting in his official capacity as "the law," in "his court," on behalf of a crime syndicate, the existence of which is well documented now by Dottie, and by her deceased husband, Phil Castora.

As I noted previously, Phil Castora, was kidnapped by his niece, in Farmington NH, held there while being drugged, in an ongoing matter of kidnapping and elder abuse, reported (as per documentation I have in hand) to Chief of Police Roberge of Farmington, who, through his lieutenant, Kevin Willey, told Dotty there was nothing to investigate, as Phil Castor was being drugged to death in Farmington, and witnesses, reported in official police reports, that Phil was being drugged and forcibly held. Dotty and Phil's bank accounts were being drained, and vehicles stolen form Dotty, and thugs in residence there, including an unreported convicted sexual offender, had used violence to prevent the rescue of Phil Castora.

Documentation indicates that the Farmington Selectmen are aware of this matter for a year and more...Evidence indicates that the Town Administrator at the time left his post almost immediately after Dotty brought these things to light at a town meeting. A new one is coming in and he, also, will be apprised of these matters, by me.

You see, Farmington is the town where I grew up, am residing now, and I never knew Dotty had this problem, because Ed Brown apparently, having known Dotty some years, did not feel it was enough of a crisis to pass on to me, I guess. You see, you get too self-involved about these matters and you miss things. 

Anyway, the Universe and/or God Almighty work in very mysterious ways indeed. It was on a conference call with Fred Smart, in regard to the recent botched Ed and Elaine trial, and the impending siege, that I discovered Dotty's story about ongoing corruption in Maine, to the highest levels and how it links to New Hamsphire. Yeah.

So, you see how the Universe brings it all back around, with a view toward ultimate justice. It's coming...

Anyway, I am trying to wrap this up, lotta story elements.

In the early nineties, I was writing on federal drug corruption in the UNH newspaper, and before and after then, beginning in 1992, I was running for the NH legislature (Libertarian delegate in 1996), explaining that the WARONDRUGS is a big nazi lie complex designed to psych the people upon these lands into buying into complete police state domination, all day every day, in all their affairs. I was the splinter element then. It was Clinton time. Whooo hooo...economy's roaring, Bill's a nice guy, means well, deserves a blow job.....

Actually, Bill does deserve...

I did not realize at the time that there is some strong indication of the "Chief of Police" in Farmington being drug corrupted. I am saying this, without benefit of a smoking gun, lost in the haze of all these years of official cover-up by the boys at the "federal court district of New Hampshire," who have ignored my presentations since my "federal lawsuit," was filed in 2001. If Roberge wants to sue, groovy. we will get to the bottom of what is his relationship with one Walter "Bubba" Haycock of Farmington.

Maybe it all had to do with the fact that some good federal mole cops from around the seacoast were upset that I upstaged Ron Brown of whatever agency oversees the AFTF, when he came to UNH to perpetuate federal lies about "The Waco Experience," as he called it.

As it turns out, I discovered the Roberge problem in 1997, when, apparently due to some vendetta of not completely known origin, Roberge began a ruthless campaign of harassment, false arrest and assault against my widowed mother (wife of very well decorated career Army veteran, and Postmaster), and other family members, during my absence in Texas.

The assault upon my family was spearheaded by a gang of thugs, headed up by sons of Bubba Haycock, a known motorcycle travelling companion of Roberge.

My mother complained one too many times that Haycock-Beauvier and company were standing in groups of as many as thirty youths, armed with baseball bats and the like, yelling "You dirty, Nazi, German fucking cunt," and the like. Roberge began the other pincer of the movement against my family, a veritable campaign of state-sponsored terror. Little did they know, that I know something about stopping fascist pincer movements, courtesy of Marshal Vasilei Ivanovich Chuikov, Marshal of the Soviet Union, commander of the 62nd Army at Stalingrad, whose forces took the life of my grandfather, a Whermacht (not Nazi) officer who died fighting in von Paulus's Sixth Army, in attacking the fortress on the Volga.

After I notified in writing, from Texas to then Governor Shaheen, a woman, incidentally, indicating my concern over the matter, and would she act as Chief Magistrate to remedy if not utterly redress the matter, pretty please with a cherry on top, the matter seemed to go away for a while and then later start up again. I returned from Texas in 1999.

A friend in the hemp freedom movement turned me on to Brown, and with a minimum of guidance as to documentary evidence building, I began to set matters straight. (Miller v Chief of Police Conway et al, US federal court, Concord--in re: US Code Title 42 crimes, committed under color of law and authority).

People who think I am somehow inherently violent, ought to consider the 22 year campaign of harassment against Carl Drega, before his "killing spree," in Colebrook in 1997, same year that Roberge launched his campaign against my family; that three military veterans have died in police incident-related shootings under questionable conditions, in the last ten years, in Strafford County (the most egregious being, reportedly, the outright shooting of a man on the spur of the moment--difficult to confirm exactly--, for pulling into his own driveway and exiting his car with a firearm); I am a veteran; this is Strafford County; I have had police officers in December of 1999, creep on up to my mother's porch in the middle of the night with all this stuff going on, whispering in the dark, at after 10PM, their excuse later being that they needed to serve notice on Marie Miller, my mother, that she has an outstanding parking ticket in Rochester.

The cops around here are lucky I have prized my skills of writing and oratory over those of mortal combat, with with I am also somewhat familiarized.

Street level intelligence has indicated to me, some years ago, that family members of Bubba Haycock have indicated, that in past years, upon his return trips from Florida, he recieved state police escorts to his home, from the Massachusettes state line. I made presentation of this to the judge of Hampton District Court, who assaulted me once, while I was on the witness stand, in regard to a traffic violation, with a half dozen very large state troopers in attendance. I figure, since he and I basically like and respect each other, (no, really, long story), and that Rte 95 runs through his "jurisdiction" from Massachusettes, northward, that he might like to know this little bit of intelligence.

I also passed this on to then (billionaire) Governor Craig Bensen, who is too wealthy to care and has too much to lose. Maybe he talked to the former governor of Alabama. "That Brown will lead ya down a dead end road and get ya killed...."

Dottie Castora states that one Kathy Denale, suspected of the drugging and murder of Phil Castora is known to be tied to drug dealing operations that extend at least to Massachusettes, and that Denale lives, along with an unregistered sex offender, at 576 Ten Rod Road, in Farmington, which is where the alleged kidnapping, assaults, thefts, drugging and murder are alleged to have taken place.

So, as the world turns and as it turns out, it all comes back around.

In mid January last, Deputy US Marshal Gary Dimartino called me on my cell phone as Brown had been authorized to pass the number on, wanting to confirm that I was basically stabilized in a decent mood, and that I had no imminent plans for enacting the destruction of lives in regard to the situation in Plainfield, so he could reassure his superiors in Washington.

I said, "Yeah, man, it is casual, except that you guys are operating against the law. I am prepared to temper my future dissertations so as not to indicate terrorist cell activity, but I will by no means back away from the material facts of my presentations."

He said that would suffice quite nicely for his reports, and that we would see about somehow getting beyond this with everybody being on friendly, civilized terms and nobody getting hurt, and I indicated my concurrence with the notion that this is probably to be desired.

Then I called him back minutes later and said, "Gary, how reliable and accountable are you?" He said "very reliable." I said, "Okay, then, I am giving you this charge of investigating the material facts regarding federal crimes committed against me and my family that the federal court you are sworn to defend, has failed to investigate to satisfactory, responsible and adult conclusion." I gave him the name of the lawsuit, etc. He said he would look into it. That was approximately seven months ago.

Meanwhile, Edward and Elaine are under siege, having committed no crime.

Meanwhile US Marshals have gone to visit, and intimidate people (holster flaps plainly open...) at least three homes and a business in Florida, stating that "William Miller has threatened the lives of federal officials. We are concerned as to whether he is capable of such violence...," knowing all the while I am in New Hampshire since a few days after my conversation with Dimartino, and everyone knows I am mostly, pretty easily found, if anyone is looking, because I am not exactly sneaking around in my country and on my watch.

One of the reasons I got involved with Edward is that he repeatedly said over the years, "No clandestine activities. No overt acts of aggression, never are we to be the aggressor..."

So, there is my story in these regards, up to this point.

And there is more to come.

What follows now, is a story forwarded to me by Dottie Castora re: a US Marshal/whistleblower. Dottie has tracked and reported a case of inter-linking statewide/federal US Attorney, etc., cover-up of these matters, all the way up to the level of the inspector General of Department of Justice, and they too, have promised to look into it. Eventually, they will get around to these things I am sure, after they get done apprehending Edward and Elaine, who have committed no crime.

William-Dexter, Expressly Reserving All Rights.

U.S. Marshal files complaint against agency
http://www.indystar .com/apps/ pbcs.dll/ article?AID= /20070726/ LOCAL/70726042>http://www.indystar .com/apps/ pbcs.dll/ article?AID= /20070726/ LOCAL/70726042

A U.S. marshal has filed a complaint with a federal agency alleging he was mistreated for exposing wrongdoing within the Indianapolis office of the U.S. Marshals.

Jason Wojdylo, a supervisory deputy with the U.S. Marshals, is seeking protection under the Whistleblower Protection Act after exposing federal officers who, he claims, obtained citizens' telecommunication records with a forged subpoena, broke into residences and vandalized the property of people who didn't cooperate with their investigations, according to a statement from Wojdylo's attorney.

Wojdylo claims he was passed over for promotion, harassed by fellow deputies and eventually transferred to San Antonio, Texas, for uncovering the alleged misdeeds and reporting them to officials within the U.S. Marshals Service, according to the statement.

"Government regulations clearly require that my client report to appropriate authorities gross mismanagement, serious misconduct, and illegal activity. As a U.S. Marshals Service management official, he met that obligation." Wojdylo's attorney, Richard Waples, said.

"Despite being ranked second in the nation among his peers in a merit-based promotion system, Mr. Wojdylo has been overlooked for career advancement within the USMS and has suffered other serious acts of reprisal, including attacks on his character that have hurt him both professionally and personally."

A statement from the U.S. Marshal's Indianapolis office said they are aware of the investigations, but wouldn't answer questions about the allegations.

"The U.S. Marshals Service takes all such allegations seriously and the District will continue cooperating fully with any reviews," the statement says. "We have internal procedures to handle such matters and the local office is confident that these issues will be properly addressed."