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Sunday, April 5, 2020

MKULTRA GIRL: Anatomy of a Fraud


I had never heard of Ellen Atkin until late 2019, when I saw that she had fraudulently appropriated a photo, taken in 1961, of an 8 year old girl, whose birth date was shown on the photo as September 17, 1953. Atkin claims that she had “discovered” this photo of “herself” in 2015, and has stated this AS IF it were fact, profusely exploiting the photo in multiple venues.


I knew, without a shadow of doubt, that the photo could not possibly be of Ellen Atkin. The evidence is in the photo itself. For one thing, Atkin is the WRONG AGE.


My purpose has not been to establish that the photo can be definitely identified as any particular individual. I have no evidence to support what I have good reason to believe, some of which I have stated in my reports. But then, I have never made such claims of evidence, nor would I presume to move into a legal arena without the basis of solid evidence.

What I "believe" is irrelevant to the issue. My purpose has only been to show who the photo is NOT. And to expose the web of lies and fraud with which Ellen Atkin has deceived many people.

She has contrived to establish herself as the “lead organizer” of groups of people, and a series of events, all related to the MK Ultra operations run by CIA.

She has pursued appearances in media outlets and has by her own admission, run a campaign of media “influence”, based on nothing more than sheer aggression and naked ambition to be publicly acknowledged as the poster child, “MK Ultra Girl”.

Ellen Atkin, once exposed in several of my reports, engaged in what is typical of all pathological liars: She lied again, fabricating false stories about Barbara Hartwell, one of which is that I had been “cyber stalking” her.

She linked my name to another individual named Ann Diamond and claimed I was in collusion with her, along with another person, Julie Gold, for purposes of such stalking.

I soundly refuted her lies in a report. And then, since I did not know either of these individuals, I decided to look them up to see what I could find.

What's more, I decided to contact them. I was able to speak with Julie Gold, who then suggested I contact Ann Diamond.

I sent them copies of my reports exposing Ellen Atkin, and explained that she was now defaming my name, along with theirs, by making false accusations about our supposed collusion in stalking her.

I was told that Ellen Atkin had somehow contrived to have an article by Ann Diamond removed. And, I learned from Ann that this must have been the very article exposing Atkin, which I was falsely accused by Atkin, of “copying”.

I could not possibly “copy” an article I had not seen, but apparently Atkin will accuse anyone of anything in order to cover her web of lies, and to stop the exposure she fears.

I have now read the article, which has been published on another site. I have given the link, with Ann Diamond's permission, and have provided some excerpts.

It is clear that Ann Diamond made very similar observations, though in greater detail, and stated some of the same facts that were covered in my reports.

I consider her analysis to be right on target, even brilliant. 

Those who diligently seek the truth, who have the intellectual discernment to recognize it, and the moral courage to proclaim it, in the pursuit of justice, will eventually reach the same basic conclusions.

I ask the readers only to consider what is written here, and urge them to do their own research.

With thanks to Julie Gold and Ann Diamond, for their gracious assistance, and for standing for the truth, in pursuit of true justice for all MK Ultra survivors.

Barbara Hartwell
April 5, 2020

NOTE: These are excerpts from the article which I found the most pertinent. I have not included photos or images contained in the article.

Please read the entire article, here:

MKULTRA GIRL: Anatomy of a Fraud



Blogger and aerial photographer Ellen Atkin posted this image at her blog, alongside a photo of herself at "about eight years old in 1969."

Ellen Atkin's life changed on the day in October 2015 when she came across the viral photo of a little girl immobilized on a gurney, her chin and head restrained by a rope tied to the wall behind her. No one seems to know when and where this disturbing photo was taken, but Ellen pulled out a photo from her childhood album, and knew she had "a match."

Either she "recognized herself" -- (she may very well have been through something similar since Canada has a long history of secret biological and chemical warfare research involving children) -- or, with her background in sales and marketing, she saw a chance to make some quick money and build an internet presence off another child's suffering.
Either way, she never looked back. Throwing herself into her project, she got to work replacing the original photo with an altered composite, and replacing the typewritten text with her own version:
"My name is Ellen Atkin. In 2015 I discovered myself in this famous photo. I had already surmounted my difficult upbringing, but sought answers to the haunting trouble in my natal family. My mother was a patient of Dr. Ewan (sic) Cameron. My father had been in the psyche (sic) ward. My sister went crazy and my brother died young, Then as now, this subject is taboo. I am changing that by integrating my search for answers, quest for justice with my work as a visual artist and media influencer."
Having juxtaposed the images to create the illusion of "a match", she got the idea of copying the typeface on the original lab note, and presto! To the casual viewer now she's the subject of the experiment, and the centre of attention. Practically overnight she became clickbait. The doctored image started popping up in search engines and soon she was doing podcasts as "MkUltragirl" - survivor and savior of a generation – saint and guru and leader of Ultra Nation. She started out at Wolf Spirit Radio and worked her way up the conspiracy channels to Infowars with David Knight.
Despite the holes in her narrative, strange pauses, snorts and even some barking noises she emits while groping for words -- and mostly thanks to aggressive self-promotion and AI savvy, the world now knows Ellen Atkin has "laid claim to the girl in the image." Not just the image, but the girl herself. "No one else has come close to my claim," she gloats, as if the whole world is vying to be tagged "917533" and tied to a bed like that child. Why didn’t I think of that?

To me it's obvious these are two different children. The girl on the gurney might be the same age, but has a rounder face, fuller lips and more prominent cheekbones. But what are facts and proof when you’re launching a media blitz? Pretending to be MkUltraGirl has become Atkin's full-time job.
Feeling the pressure of 'discovery,' she decided to go full throttle and really develop her brand. After all, that's what they tell you to do in those online marketing videos. Her next big step was to associate herself with a group of MKULTRA relatives survivors who were launching a class action lawsuit in Montreal.
Coming across a movie shot in an Oklahoma mental hospital in 1956 and a two-second clip of a dark-haired woman, Ellen swears this woman is her mother Emma being electro-shocked by a paunchy doctor who can only be Dr Ewan (sic) Cameron. No proof, no explanation as to how her mother ended up in Oklahoma with Dr. Cameron, who was based at the Allan Memorial at the time -- 2500 km. away. Ellen claims to be an expert in photography with an interest in forensics. Drawing on her expertise, any 30-something brunette on a table could be her mother.
But -- oops -- the film ends with a disclaimer stating all persons appearing in it are actors.
Altering evidence is a serious offense in the eyes of the law. It can even get your case thrown out of court. Evidence tampering aka "spoliation" is when a person "alters, conceals, falsifies, or destroys evidence" in an investigation. It's also closely related to FRAUD. False evidence, fabricated evidence, forged evidence or tainted evidence is information created or obtained illegally, to sway the verdict in a court case.
And since when can you lay claim to another person's photo because you resemble that person, pretend you "are" legally that person and collect damages on their behalf? Initially, Ellen had planned to sue publishers for copyright violation in using her image on their websites -- not so easy to pull off when you can't prove you own the photo.
There's a law prohibiting use of another person's image for personal gain: "As a general matter, you should never use someone's name or photograph in advertising or promotion of your website or blog without permission."
In fact, that's what Ellen has done by using another little girl's photo to promote her cause and become famous. And it's illegal.
But thanks to her relentless determination and publicity skills, the MkUltragirl campaign has been a roaring success. "Everyone has heard of me," boasted Atkin recently. But then, hyperbole comes to her naturally, and overstatements roll off her tongue like boulders on the road to Whistler. It doesn't help that she salts her pages with clickbait from wacko Conspiro-tainment sites.
Someday, real survivors could pick up the tab for Ellen's online antics.
Zero Hedge bought her story in May 2018, bringing fake legitimacy to her story which ultimately backfired on survivors.
Not only has she faked her own case, she has also poste SAAGA (Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse) videos at her site, placed them behind a pay wall, and tried to raise funds for herself on the back of the class action.

Julie Gold of SAAGA (the Montreal class action group which is suing the CIA, Canadian government, and McGill University) recently posted a warning to members to be leery of Ellen Atkin and called her an “internet fraudster” --
At her blog MkultraGirl re-stakes her claim:
"By now it is safe to assume that everybody knows that I layclaim to that image. Others come, others go. Nothing has changed from my POV. IMO, I made the correct decisions from day one. I planted a flag and stood my ground. Others come, others go."
You'd never know there was such a thing as facts, accuracy, reasonable proof. Her belief in her own omnipotence is embarrassing, almost quaint. Her blog posts roar like tantrums. Interviewers have told me they have "problems" with her facts, but feel sorry for her and give her the benefit of the doubt. Listening to her ramble, you get the feeling she's choking on her own inflated lies, releasing them like balloons and making up more as she goes.
Her talent for disinfo could threaten the credibility of all who grew up inside MKULTRA and are trying to expose its workings.
Last I heard she was living in a trailer park with alcoholics and drug addicts.

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