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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Interview with Pastor Artur Pawlowski on Ramola D Reports








NOTE: This interview was recorded on May 15, only hours after Pastor Artur Pawlowski's appearance on Last Call Radio, hosted by BJ Edwards:

Please go to the link provided below to read Ramola's commentary and view the interview, along with several other videos which document the brutal ordeal of this Christian Pastor, harassed, persecuted, and outrageously, even tortured, by police whose behavior certainly deserves to be described as that of Nazis, Gestapo, Communists, and yes, psychopaths!

His 'crimes'? Inviting people to go to Church, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, feeding the poor and homeless.

Please, all Christians and Defenders of Liberty, in Canada, in the US, or wherever you are in the world, support Pastor Artur Pawlowski in any way you are able, and make a stand for freedom!

Barbara Hartwell

May 16, 2021

Newsbreak 122: Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski Reports Persecution of Churches, Urges All to Defend Rights & Freedoms Now from Communist Takeover: Stop Complying, Sue Govt Officials & Business Owners, Hold Them Accountable

Pastor Artur Pawlowski who came to world attention recently with his powerful resistance to Calgary Police invasion of his church on two occasions, who was thence arrested on May 8, 2021 in a dramatic highway stop filmed and published worldwide, arrested and held in police custody for 53 hours, he reports, in horrific conditions in solitary and in “tanks” with others–none of these holding cells and areas sanitary, hygienic, healthy, safe, or congenial to human holding, quite contrary to the “Public Health” mania supposedly behind his arrest, putatively for holding church services during the “big fat lie” of the COVID pandemic–describes his ordeal and reports widespread persecution of Christians and churches in Canada, urging all to stand up now to defend basic rights and freedoms.