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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Ramola D Reports: Mark Trump & Barbara Hartwell, Alerting All to the Techno-Abyss

A wide-ranging conversation with a widely aware and wide-awake technologist, Mark Trump, with a background in working for the US Navy and cybersecurity companies, and researched and experiential knowledge in a variety of tech subjects including quantum computing, AI, and transhumanism, on the subjects of today's increasingly invasive surveillance state and the need for all to rise into their own power to stem the tide of evil governing policy and turn humanity back into its path of organic evolution, far from the current Satanic plunge into the hive-minding AI-Singularity aka Techno-Abyss. Offering a Christian perspective into these times, M. Trump points to the rising tide of darkness or evil around us wreaked by techno-fascists who will never stop unless forced to, and suggests that each one of us is able and competent enough to rise into our own power and act to bring these exploitations and evils to an end. Hopefully the first of many on this and related subjects.

Ramola D

NOTE: On this podcast, my purpose was to stay in the background, with just a few comments and questions. When it comes to science and technology, Mark's knowledge is impressive, broad and deep. Which is why I, who lack expertise in these technological subjects, so appreciate what he has to offer.

Barbara Hartwell
September 25, 2019